I Quit

Friday, June 20, 2003
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Ha – you wish. Blogging might be light for the next ten days or so. (But maybe not.) I’m headed for the Mises Institute for a Robert Higgs history seminar, and after that I’ll be in North Carolina and Tennessee, hiking and mountain biking in the Great Smoky Mountains. A week of intellectual stimulation and cavorting with friends, followed by the serenity of mountain trails, streams, trees, and, and, and…….a bunch of Brats running all over the place! The Smoky mountains, indeed, are best hit BEFORE school is out, but I couldn’t time this trip to do that. But really, we’ll be in the part of the trail system where the touristy types don’t dare venture. But when we hit Gatlinburg, look out! That town will be like a playground at recess–ahhhh! But I love them NC bluegrass ‘n’ BBQ festivals.

Ahh, the life.

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