Human Hating Nazis

Monday, October 11, 2010
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A video clip from the neo-fascist 10:10 global warming alarmists group has created a wicked stink on the Internet recently with its glorification of assassination for the crime of being a living, breathing human being using some of the earth’s resources. This is some type of a crazed EnviroCommunist activist organization that aims to cut carbon 10% per year starting in 2010.

The video clip, titled “No Pressure,” shows children being brainwashed with global warming doomsday and lectured about the necessity of reducing their carbon footprints – the group’s mantra. Those kids who don’t buy into the religion and refuse to go along get “blown up” by wicked adults with smiling faces via remote control.

Here’s an interesting snippet from an article on Prison Planet:

Czech Physicist Luboš Motl goes even further in his condemnation of the clip, unloading on X-files actress Gillian Anderson who provided the voiceover for the video. “is she really such a disgusting bloody Nazi bitch?” he asks.

And then try to remember the man named by Obama as his top chair in science: John Holden. This is the man who has advocated forced abortions, mass sterilization, a global police force, and other forms of diminishing the human population. Thus, this stuff is hardly spoof anymore. On that note, don’t forget the lampoon that is more hopefully realistic than its creators and endorsers would ever admit: the Subaru Green Police commercial that aired during the last Super Bowl.

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4 Responses to Human Hating Nazis

  1. Iluvatar says:

    October 12th, 2010 at 12:51 am

    @ Karen: So U’re back? Hope the trip was OK (was that where you were @???) – Hey you heard LRC was attacked right? Nearly brought them down – are you secure??

    OK –

    This post brought my froth – I don’t have the time to bring all the arguments to bear, but as a semi-physicist (dealing in Infrared/Electro-Optical as well as radar), as well as studying plate tectonics (how the plates move in the earth), I can not TELL you how much I am about “GREEN” – NOT.

    Fellas, this is BULLSHIT!!

    Let us first start here.

    Earth, 230 Million Years Ago. 1 Continent – called Pangea. Average Temp: about 100 degrees 24/7. Was the birth of the dinosaurs (AND the mammals) – check out BBC’s “Walking With Dinosaurs” to verify this (it also checks out w/ the geoligic record btw).

    Then Pangea broke apart (super continent to the north and Africa/India to the south). Then it broke up again: North America in the north, South America/Antartica from Africa – India then departed from Africa and then collided w/ Asia (causing the Himalayas).


    Did you know that dinosaurs used to live in Antartica? They did!

    And there were cooling spells that occurred prior to 230 Million years ago and after as well. But more often, our planet was a lot HOTTER than it is NOW!!!

    The big shift occurred about 5 million years ago (???) when the Isthmus of Panama eructed from the surface (a plate tectonic event) that shut off the Atlantic from pouring into the Pacific and caused the Atlantic to go north. But this was far from helpful, as, the current going north DIED before going to the Pole – which led to the “Artic Pond” – as it did not exchange water w/ either the Pacific or the Atlantic. (Refer to the excellent Johns Hopkins article on this). This was the start of the “NAC” (North Atlantic Current), and its contribution to the Ocean Conveyer Belt (650 years to get from the North Atlantic up to the North Pacific and back again).

    Folks, we’ve got to realize that our climatology is driven by 3 key forces:

    1) plate tectonics,
    2) ocean currents, 3) solar forces.

    Hey, did anyone notice that we went through a “Maunder Minimum” last fall (low sun spot activity – that we are supposed to get?????).

    So can we at least agee that we are a lot cooler than is usual!!!


    Now let’s tackle the “Carbon” issue.

    CO2 is “transparent” in somewhere in 2-4 micron band (um) and definitely in the 6 um band. That’s why satellites can see almost “to the ground” in the 6um band. CO2 is almost completely absorbtive anywhere else – so it catches heat in the 2-20um band that the Earth radiates into space.

    OK – that initially sounds bad from an Earth warming POV – but wait!

    That is not how quantum dynamics works!

    This is the so-called “absorbtion-re-emission” phenomena! In order to re-emit your energy, you have to recieve it first. So, when the CO2 belt gets its belt of a hot Earth, it has to re-emit – where? Everywhere – with a 50% probabaility that it heads to cold space. Also relevant is what physicists refer to as the CO2
    “extinction” (??? I am sure I got this wrong – don’t have time to look this back up) phenomena – I actually think it is called the “saturation” phenomena – wherein adding additional CO2 to the belts adds NOTHING in terms of it heating up the planet!


    Here are your key takeaways:

    1) The earth is a lot colder NOW than it “shoulde be” based on the geologic record,

    2) Concerns over CO2 are pretty misguided – they don’t obey earth physics,

    3) We SHOULD STILL BE concerned over utilizing resurces that are finite in that regards – We need to get smarter that way.

    Key Resources:

    1) BBC presentation: “Walking With Dinsaurs”

    2) BBC presentation: “Walking with Prehistoric Animals” (NB!!!!! Note where they make the comment that early man’s brain growth was due to his eating MEAT – Dude! do you get it now??? – an aside)


    Physics rock!

  2. M. Terry says:

    October 12th, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    At least the Eco-Nazis didn’t disappoint with this atrocity.

    This sick video illustrates perfectly how they REALLY feel. Too bad for them they don’t have the magic “little red button,” and that most of them are unarmed, grass-eating useful idiots, who will be discarded along with their so-called enemies once their masters succeed with their brain-washing and implementation of their violent, anti-human ideology. But like most useful idiots, they believe they’re “special,” and thus, deserve to be spared.

    IMO, they want world “policemen” with guns to do the wet work for them. For the most part, they won’t get their hands dirty. For instance, they can do voice-overs and other bidding for their masters. In the mean time they fly in their personal jets and ride in their limos to Algore global warming snake oil presentations, wishing death and destruction on anyone who disagrees with them. And these special people can’t see the irony of their own actions. Sick effing bastards.

  3. clark says:

    October 12th, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    I have one of those crazed EnviroCommunist types on my friends list. His comments often reminds me of John Holden. Do you think I should get rid of him, or is there something that can be learned from his comments? I was trying to educate him a bit, but it’s not working.

  4. Alex says:

    October 12th, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    I gave up on Cheap Trick after that commercial came out and I saw that they sold out a great song to the Envirofascists. I guess even old rockers have to eat and pay for subprime McMansions.”Surrender” indeed …

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