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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
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I get some letters that ask, “Why do you not post photos of yourself working out?” etc. I also get requests for, ummm, close-ups of my calves. Actually, my friend Sheryl’s husband, Dan, just took some gym shots of us this summer. She has some posted at her website, though I denied her in posting the photos of me. Why? Too many weirdos out there, and they “photoshop” my pics, and do strange things with them. Know what I mean?

Anyway, I found some really “sexy” bodybuilding chick pics on the web as a substitute. I can’t resist linking these. It is ROFL kinda stuff. (Don’t ask me if these are women; they are, but they are freak women on steroids. Enjoy, but put down your lunch first.)

- Woman 1 (the caption reads “gorgeous and incredibly attractive”)

- Woman 2 (the caption here says “incredibly attractive”)

- Somewhere, fat is in.

- Meet Connie.

- Meet Frankenstein’s father.

Now this is my calf. I am fortunate in that I have very thin ankles (unlike Hillary Clinton) and very thick calves:


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