Health Care Clash: the Commercials

Monday, August 17, 2009
Posted in category Health Tyranny

Here’s a pretty good send-up of the pharmaceutical ads that run in your face daily on television. It’s an ad paid for by the RNC, but it’s a pretty good attempt in the battle of health care reform commercials. 



On the other hand, here’s a horrible, chintzy ad paid for by Big Pharma that inspires the viewer to suffer from the usual ho-hum apathy and monotony. Note the amazing use of the line, “a little more cooperation, a little less politics…” This comes from Big Pharma, one of the most powerful political machines on the Hill and in corporate America. The “politics” referred to, of course, is the resistance put up from people in the grass roots who have no political power, no lobbyists, no monetary wealth, and essentially, nothing but their voices in numbers as they attempt to defend their bodies from the government’s public health care assault. 


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