Hazards of Carpooling

Sunday, May 27, 2007
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You may know that I hate carpooling…….finally, there is evidence hitler poster.bmp that the state’s favorite highway religion – carpooling – can double your risk of a car crash because of the “talking to your pal(s)” factor. Though jabbering on your cell phone can quadruple that same risk.

The team found that having at least one passenger in the car increased the risk of the driver getting into an injurious accident by 60%, about the same increase in risk as incurred on wet roads. Roughly a third of the injured drivers reported talking or interacting with the passenger in some way at the time of the accident. Having two or more passengers doubled the risk of an accident. The researchers also found that, as expected, talking on the phone quadrupled the risk of having an injurious accident. Talking on the phone is more dangerous, McEvoy speculates, because passengers are at least aware of the traffic conditions and can stop talking when things get rough. This is the first time such comparisons have been made in the same real-life situations, the authors report today in Accident Analysis and Prevention.

Thanks to Sheryl for the link.

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