Hate Mails From the Financially Illiterate

Monday, January 11, 2010
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My latest article on LewRockwell.com – It May Be Financially Irresponsible to Pay Your Mortgage – has brought forth more vicious, insane, and hyper-emotional email than I have had in years. People missed major points in my article (such as about mortgage promissory notes), took the piece personally, showed me their level of total financial illiteracy, or just generally gave up critical thinking, at least for the time it took to read the piece. I will follow up with a Part II to the article because the responses are just too good (bad) to ignore.

I told Lew Rockwell, last night, that the article would indeed stir the pot of stupidism, and the result would be savage and reckless emails where the sender hits “send” before his brain cells ever had a chance to rise and shine.

It is almost surreal, really, that people read an article with which they disagree, and they resort to immediately emailing the writer with a 1,000-word vitriolic, crazed, hyper-emotional, dipshit bomb. Even after 11 years of doing this, I am appalled at the lack of civility that people displayed, in this case, toward a total stranger …. over a disagreement with something that none of them know anything about.

Here’s one of the demented offenders. As always, I have a rule that any crazed hate mails may be made public, and, in this case, I will do so when I find the time. It will be entertaining.

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16 Responses to Hate Mails From the Financially Illiterate

  1. Old Rebel says:

    January 11th, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    Wait — you expect critical thinking from victims of the government school system?

    Go work out, get a good night’s sleep, and return to blogging in the morning when this temporary delirium is past. You know better.

  2. Jeannie Queenie says:

    January 12th, 2010 at 1:05 am

    Old Rebel, aw come on now…don’t tell me that you actually believe that critical skills have been missing the last few generations? Hell, I was just taken to task on this site this past week from some ditwads saying that I was nuts for suggesting that students have been dumbdowned for sometime now, making them unable to make decisions, let alone being able to participate in genuine arguments. About 20 years ago I read Allan Bloom’s, The Closing of the American Mind…he was way ahead of the curve on realizing just how shortchanged students were here with our ersatz educational system. Using the term ‘ersatz’ recently when I left a comment in a post brought untold derision from some jerk who felt it was terribly unjust to call our educational system what it really is, was and will continue to be if things don’t change. As a oarent of five children I was asked around 30 year ago to be on a school’s book committee in which I found myself the lone wolf who chose books that would challenge the students. Most the other parents preferred the dumbdowned books which were probably two grade levels behind for the specific grades.
    I would add that any nation that spends more money on pornography than on the entire educational system reveals a disturbing aspect of the psycho/sexual variety. Yes, that figure is true..more money spent on such crap in the US then K-12 and all universities and colleges put together. Now, if that alone isn’t dumbing down, I don’t know what is. So, Old Rebel, I agree with Karen that we do expect more from our peers in the way of critical thinking, but many who leave comments here seriously lack that skill. If you ask anyone a question or play the devil’s advocate on an issue as I recently did, you are met with mocking, derision, even told to go ‘kill yourself’. Of course, those are simplistic dopey responses that are meant to alleviate them from thinking about the questions that have been posed and require critical thinking. It was obvious to me this past week that those who were blowing their horns the loudest to dispel my comments, did so because they were in the biggest fog. Karen’s third paragraph above says succinctly what is most true about these horn blowers..call if a blast of hot air that dissipates into nothing!

  3. Robin says:

    January 12th, 2010 at 8:37 am

    The government school system is designed to mass produce shallow, ignorant conformists, i.e., people who are easily swayed by state propaganda and corporate advertising. We shouldn’t wonder that its most abject graduates mimic (like H.P. Lovecraft’s shoggoths) the voices of their masters. As they grew up being hectored and emotionally manipulated into compliance, so they also express themselves to others. Such is the masters’ goal: people capable of self-expression, not ordered thought.

    Typical damage inflicted on a state-schooled mind is the inability to recognize context, which is shown by a lack of reading comprehension. Most of Karen’s “moral” detractors probably cannot grasp the proper relationship between: (1) her advice to walk away from a financially crippling mortgage and; (2) the nature of a mortgage contract which explicitly permits this option.

  4. John and Dagny Galt says:

    January 12th, 2010 at 8:55 am

    Dearest Jeannie Queenie Bobeannie,

    There is indeed a reason why our children and grandchildren’s subscriptions to Playboy, Wired, Popular Science, Architecture Week, Popular Mechanics, PC World, American Art Review, Time, Shotgun News, and others as well…all cumulatively have cost less than one year of GUNvernment indoctrination for just one elementary student from the fifth grade(again, no disrespect to Jeff Foxworthy).

    A bunch of us retardz call it the Free Market.

    Wouldn’t it be so silly to force people to purchase magazines at gunpoint?

    Why isn’t the same true for the chitlins readinz, writinz, and arithematicz?

    Recent sample of jackbooted jackbootz jackbooting parents:

    Did we mention the nazi educrats jackbooted jackboots?

    Surely the local po po have something better to do than harrass the peasants?

    Of course, harrassing folks having an open-carry picnic is much safer than hunting down the rapist caught on CCTV last night behind the local Walmart.

    Hey, we’re all living in Amerika!

    Censusly Abacused,
    John and Dagny Galt
    Shotgun News, Owners Manual Of The Universe!(tm)


  5. M. Terry says:

    January 12th, 2010 at 11:21 am

    There’s little doubt the public school system is in serious trouble.

    But there’s some serious problems now with “higher education.”

    It’s not necessarily where one was educated, but what they do with that education. I’ve found “professors” of “higher education who write at a fourth-grade level, at best.

    And the misspelling and grammatical error-riddled “quizzes” and essay questions were unbelievable.

    Perhaps these “professors” were educated in the public fool system.

    Little wonder there appears to be dozens of “accrediting” bodies now for higher education. One wonders about the accrediting criteria. Perhaps today’s “higher education” shares some of the blame.

  6. John Paul Jones says:

    January 12th, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    Old Rebel, I agree with you entirely.

    Karen is a rational thinker, which is why she drives the drooling, emotionally-driven feely-people bonkers. Karen is the rare (and I do mean RARE) CPA that also has a grasp of economics. So she understands both the little picture (details of financial activity) and the big picture (macroeconomics).

    I spend a lot of my time in Asia, and in Asia, Karen would be popular and downright loved by so many people, because in advanced Asia being intelligent, articulate, and clear-thinking is considered good. But, here in the Prozac Nation, the likes of Karen are essentially branded as dissidents, unwelcome truth-tellers in a society that values “consensus,” not “truth.”

    Here is the paradox, and why America is snowballing to its fate of being a second- or third-world, post-industrial, shabby and poor idiocracy: Karen can’t change any minds, because she is presenting logical arguments to a society that is emotionally-driven. The mob is emotional, not rational; a free market can absorb this, since irrational players are marginalized (they go broke), but a democracy subsidizes irrational behavior (single mothers on crack get subsidies; I sure as hell don’t), and the irrational wind up being the majority, given that if you subsidize something, you’ll get more of it; the Great Society was one of the more cynically successful human engineering projects in history, it changed an entire society from independent to dependent.

    Karen is also…easy on the eyes, shall we say….which will merely trigger a lot of envy from the dumpy and dateless cat-owning divorces who are sitting on the couch, watching TV, eating Hagan-Daaz from the carton.

  7. M. Terry says:

    January 12th, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    BTW – its seems that the Keynesian economists are all university educated.

    Perhaps if they re-took a junior high school economics class, instead of adopting the idiotic position that spending one’s way of of debt is somehow legitimate, this country would be better off.

    It seems that the bankers want taxpayer “bailout” money to do with what they please, and want consumers to continue to pay for a commodity that in many cases is way overpriced. I see nothing wrong with handing the problem back to the bank in may cases.

    It’s not just the public school educated maroons who listen to, and follow the advice of, financial pundits like Attorney Economist Ben Stein, who hasn’t had a prediction that I can recall come true, and reamed out Peter Schiff for his prediction that the crap was going to majorly hit the fan. Yet people still listen to this “economist.” I can’t understand why anyone would even consider having Stein on any program about finances. Educated? Yes. Commons sense? Apparently, not much.

    I’d like to see the flame though, even if it’s long. I read a flame regarding one of Karen’s posts just recently, in which the writer even referred to Karen as “Mr 24/7 my rights.” It almost seemed like the author was referring to another post, but it was the first post on the page.

    Perhaps a “hate mail” section would be worth the trouble. I’ve seen that on other sites, and it was somewhat entertaining. Not like you don’t have enough to do, though, Karen….

  8. Vincent says:

    January 12th, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    If people were dumb enough to buy properties, AND continue paying for them, they would be too dumb to understand your article to begin with.

    People are angry that they are down $100k to $200k. Having it put in their face in writing…. just hurt too much.

    I have a friend who is down $100k on the property, who is considering buying ANOTHER one because “interest is low”. Some people deserve to be poor. You just can’t help dumb people.

  9. Karen De Coster says:

    January 12th, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    John Paul: I’ve long thought – am I not crazy for moving to China or Singapore? Many libertarians do, and tell me I should! I knew this letter would get me TONS of hate mail, but that’s okay. The rational side had of this issue to come out. I grew up with (4) older brothers — ya think my skin is thick? :–)

  10. cousin lucky says:

    January 12th, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    All my life I have witnessed the results of ” Honest Enlightenment ” and have seen the violence of denial and shame of reality that it Provokes!! Human Beings will do just about anything rather than admit that their thinking is Flawed, Irrational, or Incorrect In Any Way!!

    High Government Officials, Scholars, and even Joe Six Pack Are Steadfastly Opposed To Having Their Illusions, Delusions, Opinions, And Beliefs Subjected To Any And All Rational Thought!!

    If a persons ears, eyes, and mind is closed you should refrain from disturbing it. Lao Tzu had a quotation about this that I will try to look up; but it essentially stated to always leave Ignorance Alone!! You Betcha!!

  11. Warren says:

    January 12th, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    Karen, please please post the best of the worst. There may be a few areas I don’t fully agree with you over, but I have never found any fault in your financial writing. Your essay on walk away from the mortgage was exactly right, why beggar yourself further, for no valid reason

    Don’t stop writing please, I enjoy your articles.

  12. Alan von Altendorf says:

    January 13th, 2010 at 2:13 am

    John Paul wrote: “America is snowballing to its fate of being a second- or third-world…” Sigh. Old World (Europe), New World (America), Third World (primitive, now Newly Industrialized in parts)

  13. Michael the Artist says:

    January 13th, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    Warren: +1 I wan’t to see some trainwrecks and epic fails! It’ll be just like watching American Idol!

  14. Jeannie Queenie says:

    January 15th, 2010 at 12:57 am

    galts, how strange that I was taken to task last week for referring to our educational system as ‘ersatz’ which in fact, it is very much an inferior substitute of what it should be. As a parent, I always felt that a good example is better than preaching, so my kids had the good fortune of a mom who read voraciously, and no, NOT magazines, but hard cover books on every topic imaginable. It must have rubbed off for I am proud to say they all graduated magna cum laude from college, and all are doing extremely well in their chosen professions. By example I taught them that a really good education is one you do for yourself. To limit a kid’s education to magazines would be the equivalent of serving them hotdogs and mac and cheese, not very appetizing at all. Not to mention that limiting said sources to the ‘easy stuff to read’ rarely challenges them. As I said before, ‘dumbing down’ has been the state of education for a few generations, so a parent must supplement their education with not just better resources, but with the example of a parent who takes learning seriously. Real learning and real intellectual nourishment is found in hard cover books on science, math, history, philosophy, art history, languages and yes, even learning how to deal with money from a young age. How sad it was to hear a college kid on NPR last year, telling a moderator that he didn’t have time to read a whole book for class, and used only the CLIFF NOTES to prepare for class..is it any wonder we have ao many kids today who can’t count, read, write and definitely can’t even think! They are the ones who Ayn Rand referred to as second handers, those phonies who get by in life, either sponging off others, usurping other’s works or just plain pretending.

  15. Richard says:

    January 15th, 2010 at 9:03 am

    While it is true that by defaulting on the debt, the borrower will suffer the consequences (specified in the contract) and doe not avoid them, I think there are really two very distinct categories of borrowers here. It may be important to treat each according to the relationship between the banks/lenders and the borrowers at the time the loans were created.
    In the first instance, banks were local, owned and operated by the people with whom customers did business (face to face), A contract in this circumstance does involve more HONOR and personal commitment, and it was far more commonly an act of family and personal planning that extends beyond the pure business aspect of it.
    In that case, both the lenders and the borrowers expected more of each other than the specific performance of the contract.
    In the other instance, the banks/lenders are (generally) interstate or even international institutions and the face to face contacts are simply a mechanism of business, with far less personal responsibility (on both sides). In this case, even the purpose of the deal may be less significant to all concerned.
    Of course it is different to default intentionally on an agreement with a friend or neighbor than it is to invoke the penalty clause in a deal with a business that has no moral/personal interest in the community.
    I guess when we generalize, we have a tendency to miss the significance of some of the details.
    Also, having made a deal with a local banker who then sells the loans to someone or some company with no local ties creates the situation where only one of the parties retains the moral character and posture with which he/she/they entered the deal. In that case, the borrower, I think, could benefit from re-evaluating the obligation.
    So, I guess I agree with you, reluctantly, because I still value the old way of doing business, you know, the one where everybody was not only explicitly committed to the deal and scrupulous about the ‘promises’ they made, even the unwritten ones.
    Just call me throwback.

  16. Jeannie Queenie says:

    January 17th, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    M Terry’s nonsensical remark above –”I read a flame of one Karen’s posts recently, in which a writer referred to Karen as “Mr 24/7 my rights. Perhaps a “hate mail” section would be worth the trouble.”

    M Terry is a perfect example of someone incapable of critical thinking and
    ignores (ignorant?) the message being sent. Distracted driving was the issue at
    hand and govt considering laws for dummy distracting behavior.
    Terry, never have I seen a post by Karen where she advocated that liberty or freedom means ‘LICENSE’ to do whatever you wish. Only a nutball would call INSANITY freedom.
    How you conclude that Karen is, 1) a MR is beyond me, and, 2) a believer that one can maim, kill or destroy other’s property and not uphold any laws! No one in their right mind could suggest such a thing. Yet again, you deviously distort this into an insult both towards myself and Karen. I used a non-personal “who” in reference to whackjobs who feel they can hurt, main or kill others, and NO law should prevent them. Do you honestly believe for a minute Karen does six things while driving, or would scream fire in a theatre..so why suggest I said she would? You ASSUMED wrongly and in so doing, you made an ass out of three people, the biggest being you! Lastly, you cannot answer why no laws should exist whatsoever.
    Can we really dispense with a rule of order, natural law, common and moral law?
    As for hate mail, your last so called ‘am sorry’ diatribe was obviously meant to
    badger. It reeked of mocking and, as it was so derisive, you provided a classic example of hate mail..if the shoe fits, wear it. Step up and receive your devious distortion award and dunce hat!

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