Happy November

Saturday, October 31, 2009
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I love this time of year in Michigan – the colors, shadows, unusual light, and unpredictable skies make for some great photos. These photos were shot today, not too far from my home in northern Macomb County, Michigan.






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One Response to Happy November

  1. Jeannie Queenie says:

    November 6th, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    Karen, I keep returning to look at your lovely photos of pumpkins and now regret that last Thursday afternoon, the last day of our farmer’s open air market closed, that I didn’t buy some pumpkins. The reason being last Saturday I attended a Turkish cooking class and they made a superb pumpkin dessert which is incredibly easy to make. Just peel the pumpkin, cut large chunks (about 2″ X 2″) and place in a large cooking pot…add 3 cups of sugar…and NO WATER or liquid, stir/coat pumpkin with sugar, and cook for about a 1/2 hour on low heat..you will be amazed at the liquid that emanates in the pot..and the final result is simply scrumptious. Of course, you want to stir the pot now and then…try it…you will love it.

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