Hapless Beltwaytarians and the One Man They Can’t Beat

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
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Lew Rockwell points out this follow-up piece from Justin Raimondo’s original knockout punch. Somebody send that man a box of Cuban cigars. Justin is spot-on when he says that the smear cowards are speechless. In fact, the second-string enabler he points to responded this way: “Well, I’m more than ready to move on from the topic of Ron Paul and old newsletters….” !! In fact, he even accuses Justin and others of “framing” him for his trash “journalism,” when in fact it was he, along with the rest of the Kochtopus, who took to writing amateur sensationalism akin to the National Enquirer’s annual “Hollywood Celebrity Cellulite” edition, where they run boatloads of unsuspecting photos of celebrity cellulite at the beach. You expect it (and probably like it) coming from the Enquirer, but it’s a real step downward for Reason magazine and The Economist. In fact, it’s embarrassing and unbecoming.

The great thing about the Internet is that no one can be blacked out (yet) by government censorship, and everyone who has access to some very affordable tools can voice their opinions. And it’s so easy to make the choice to read or to not read someone’s viewpoints/journalism. Sometimes it is that freedom that is the target of peoples’ contempt. The Beltwaytarians and self-described “exemplars of the only true libertarianism” are like the mainstream media in that they consider themselves to be the only “pros” — the “real” journalists, writers, analysts, and think tankers who will work for pennies and live in other peoples’ basements while eating rice and beans to show their allegiance to “the cause.” This whole defamation campaign was grounded in, yes, Kochtopus pc-tarianism, but also, an unrelenting contempt for one man, his irrepressible anti-state ideology, his rebellious stand on plumb-line principles, his insurmountable working knowledge of the historical aspects of libertarianism, and his unwavering devotion to bringing to the public a free product (with voluntary donations) that is as diverse as those people *wish* they could be.

I have been receiving many emails on this theme from LRC readers, but as one insightful reader noted, when he goes to LRC he browses all kinds of articles from all kinds of people on all kinds of topics. Sometimes he agrees and sometimes not. He reads articles from Lew’s assemblage of writers who are CPAs, lawyers, retired teachers, homeschooling Moms, school counselors, bank executives, high school kids, doctors, software engineers, and even the Professors who are so varied and talented as to write and publish popular material well outside of their standard field. How about that? People who write here work 8 – 10-hour days, then we come home, and in between changing diapers, taking care of Grandma, going to MBA classes, burning the roast in the oven, and scraping leaves out of the gutters, we struggle to read lots of books, catch up on hot news, blog, and yes, we write.

The Beltwaytarians shudder at the thought of all those “unqualified” people taking their market share and changing the way the world works, as opposed to the self-anointed, old guard that is supposed to represent all that is pure. Some of these so-called journalists, during this smear campaign, have even admitted to their desire to get libertarianism out of the “Lew Rockwell camp” and bring it back home (in their public-policy, pro-establishment, pc hands) where it “belongs.”

One man we know, Lew Rockwell, is obviously not going sit back and allow the Kochopolis Kochtopus to define what libertarianism should be about, who should be able to promote its ideas, what he should say or do, or who he should associate with. Only one man, Lew, has had the ability to bring together – for the last nine years – a website as real, diverse, influential, educational, fun, hardcore, and unique as LewRockwell.com. Libertarianism knows no other portal like this. Anywhere. This is one “business model” the anti-Rockwell crowd just can’t figure out. They are stumped and flustered, hence the bizarre attempts to exhume old charges and try to get some more mileage out of them.

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