Gun Socialism for Switzerland?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
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A reminder that the anti-life crackpots are everywhere, even in Switzerland.

A coalition led by the country’s Social Democrat party and the Greens has collected nearly 120,000 signatures to force a national referendum on whether the weapons should be stored at military bases.

…Switzerland’s armed forces consist of just a few thousand permanent full-time staff, with the rest essentially a militia.

Service in the militia is compulsory for men aged between 19 and 31 and in between call-ups they store their weapons at home. There are currently around 220,000 conscripts.

The Green Socialists say that too many guns are used in murders and suicides in Switzerland, and thus more controls on gun ownership and use are needed. And they get their air time, in spite of the fact that they spew nothing but blatant fiction. The truth is:

Guns are deeply rooted within Swiss culture – but the gun crime rate is so low that statistics are not even kept.

…In addition to the government-provided arms, there are few restrictions on buying weapons. Some cantons restrict the carrying of firearms – others do not.

Stephen P. Halbrook has written quite extensively on the gun issue, and according to him:

Although there is more per capita firepower in Switzerland than any place in the world, it is one of the safest places to be. To the delight of Americans who support the right to keep and bear arms, Switzerland is the proof in the pudding of the argument that guns don’t cause crime.

Says Halbrook: “The bottom line is one of attitude. Populations with training in civic virtue, though armed, generally do not experience sensational massacres or high crime rates. Switzerland fits this mold. But the United States does not. As H. Rap Brown declared in the 1960s, “Violence is as American as apple pie.”"

Americans have become a bunch of hyper-sensitive, whiny, complaining, soft, politically correct, clingy, needy, infantilized sissies who expend their valuable energy on being offended and afraid. The culture shift away from independence and resourcefulness, and the move toward helplessness, oh-help-me-ness, and government-granted everything has been a really gruesome phenomenon to watch.

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2 Responses to Gun Socialism for Switzerland?

  1. cousin lucky says:

    December 8th, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    During the late 1970′s I got to take my first real two week vacation in College Park Georgia which is on the outskirts of Atlanta! I ended up staying for almost six months. The insects drove me back to Boston!

    I felt that I was living within another country while I was down there because it is assumed that Everyone is armed with a weapon in their vehicle or upon their person and everyone acts quite different than the people in Northern cities where only the Criminals and the police are out on the streets with firearms.

    Not only did the laws on the books make sense in Georgia but they were enforced. I saw a guy double park his car in front of a theater so he could purchase tickets to a show. When he got back to his car a female cop was putting a ticket on the windshield.

    The came up and said he was going to move the car and she asked him if the car was his. When he said it was she asked him if the car had broken down; when he said no she arrested him for willfully obstructing the flow of traffic. She hand-cuffed him and put him into the back of another police car that had arrived with a tow truck. The guy was taken to court from the theater.

    In Boston or New York City the cops drive right past double parked cars ignoring them. I met a lot of Georgia women that were armed with pistols either on their person or in their handbags.

    In Atlanta if you see a criminal holding up a store you have the right to shoot the criminal and the city will give you a metal and pay for everything that you can carry out of a department store in fifteen minutes. Common Sense government is a wonderful thing to live within.

    Northern cities in the U.S.A. all have laws forbidding the carrying of guns so decent people are left as prey for the Criminals who carry guns to enable their commission of crimes.Criminals expect to be going to jail as part of their profession. Decent people do not want any part of jail or of courts so they obey these foolish laws.

  2. Michael says:

    December 10th, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    @cousin lucky: By “Northern cities” I think you mean *all* of Illinois, and *all* of Wisconsin (see If you’re still a Massachusetts native, and don’t have your License to Carry, check out; the licensing schema in the Bay State is intentionally complex and difficult to navigate. GOAL does a great job clarifying for folks interested in getting their government-issued permission slip. ;)

    By the way, H. Rap Brown is gravely mistaken. The United States has a much more peaceable history relative to its European and Asian neighbors. I guess Brown hasn’t heard of the term “democide” before; Democide is simply mass killing of people by government action. Most of these “genocides by government” have occurred in countries where private gun ownership is limited or totally prohibited like it was in Nazi Europe (+10 million), Soviet Russia (+60 million) and Communist China (+70 million).

    Lastly (and I believe this is also a Halbrookian reference) that before the onset of WWI, a cocky German officer asked a Swiss militiaman what the 250,000 member Swiss militia would do if a German army, twice the size of the Swiss force, invaded. The militiaman responded, “Shoot twice”.

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