Granny D. on IslamoFascists and Free Minds

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
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Granny Doris (from HBO’s “Run, Granny, Run”) is 97 and lucid. Much more lucid than, say, David Horowitz. Here is her speech which she delivered at Wartburg Collge, and here are some snippets. Note how she zeroes in on the misuse of words and the “war on terror.” (Note: I forgive her take on democracy, global warming, the exploitation of resources, overpopulation, and globalization. The hope is that she can still be brought over to the libertarian side on these issues!)

I would like to underline that word, “liberal.” It does not, of course, refer to big government, or to left-of-center politics. No, as I’m sure you know, it refers to Freedom

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