GovernmentSpeak: Coercion is Voluntary, and Our Founding Fathers Were a Product of Compulsory Schooling

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Manuel Lora’s post on about the Department of Voluntary Coercion stating that tax laws require only “voluntary compliance” is exactly one of those things I harped on in my post about educating people in making proper distinctions, deconstructing GovernmentSpeak, defining terms, and forcing critical assessment of what is said in the media. This is the essence of what government does, and without using proper scrutiny, or skepticism, people are left believing what they have heard or read in print, no matter how sloppy or counterfactual the information. People are trained to absorb, concur, and take as gospel anything that comes from perceived experts or “higher authorities.” defines “voluntary” as ”acting or done without compulsion or obligation” and “done by intention, and not by accident.” Yet the (in)Justice department claims they “promote voluntary compliance with the tax laws.” In the Do(i)J press release I linked to in my last post, it says this:

“People who intentionally fail to file returns or pay taxes as required by law can expect to face criminal prosecution, conviction and imprisonment,” said Eileen J. O’Connor, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Tax Division. “And they will still be required to pay the taxes they tried to avoid, plus interest and penalties.”

So are taxes something you should voluntarily comply with, or are you “required by law” to pay them? It’s like Huebert’s recent (excellent) post calling out the latest ObamaLie – that our founding fathers all spent their childhoods locked up in compulsory educational prisons being bombarded with collective-egalitarian twaddle from a cluster of undereducated, over self-esteemed cyborgs masquerading as teachers with their paper certificates from MindWarp University.

No such revolutionary spirit – of the soul and mind and heart - ever could have emerged from such a tragic, collective, and mind-supressing environment as today’s public schools. The president’s prepared remarks are another perfect example – among many – of the way in which outright, obvious lies by our authoritarian officials and their professed experts go unchallenged by the public at large.

So few people have the ability – or appetite – to long for the truth and facts, and that’s because it is difficult to take such a position. It takes time, effort, and aspiration to do something other than receive, process, and then rely on information presented by those who have a personal stake in having you believe what they say.

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4 Responses to GovernmentSpeak: Coercion is Voluntary, and Our Founding Fathers Were a Product of Compulsory Schooling

  1. cousin lucky says:

    September 12th, 2009 at 3:15 pm

    This nation’s public schools are indeed a mess; but what is an even more mess is the dysfunctional and disturbed children attending these public schools and the home structure that produced these children!!

  2. Good News: Taxes Are Voluntary | Tenth Amendment Center Blog says:

    March 15th, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    [...] I’m not sure how dated this interview is, but bear in mind that this is a U.S. Senator spending 4+ minutes denying the notion of government force and coercion. This isn’t the first time I’ve covered this topic. [...]

  3. Mark Are says:

    March 15th, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    The Law by Frederic Bastiat does an excellent job of explaining “legal plunder”. We the people are supposed to be able to distinguish between the common criminal on the street holding a gun to us demanding our money and one with a badge sanctioned by the “government” to do the same thing. Of course, one we can defend ourselves against without reprisal in most case, while the latter we have to give them what they ask or die…

  4. D. Alan says:

    March 16th, 2010 at 1:35 am

    Karen, I know the topic of my post is controversial, but please here me out: there is a very real sense in which a persons compliance with the so called ‘income tax’ system is truly VOLUNTARY.

    I think Harry Reid had this in mind, when he said what he did —

    May I attempt to explain :

    Income taxes are voluntary in this sense: if you volunteer your person to be part of the ‘system’ – they force you to pay for it.

    There are a whole host of assumptions that go into the process. (As you likely know, assumptions always DETERMINE conclusions, so it’s important they be stated up front & clearly):

    Assumptions: The whole definition of who is a ‘taxpayer’, what is their jurisdiction (to where & to whom does it extend ?), what is the definition of ‘income’, what is the difference between ‘wages’ and ‘income’ ?, what does it mean to be a sovereign citizen, why must you sign away your rights at the bottom of the yearly ‘tax confession form’ – thus being a witness against yourself, in violation of your own 5th amendment rights, but you DID volunteer & agreed with it by accepting their definitions as applying to you, and in effect, ‘self assessed’.

    This (self-incriminating) process is accomplished by subtle brainwashing & conditioning, reinforced by collectivist programming – you’re not a team player, if you don’t pay your ‘fair share’ ! Of what – Tyranny ? Socialism ? Endless Global War ?

    Poppycock & Balderdash ! – civil gov’t has become a farce – a tool to enrich the elites & bankrupt OR control us – (yes they’ll let you have a few toys, to keep you happy while they keep milking you – reasonably fed prisoners make more license plates – don’t you know !) , so we can never mount a challenge to the ruling elites, I’m sure they WISH they could tax us 90 %, but they throttle it back so there is little chance of a revolt.

    We’re ‘kept’, you might say. TIME FOR THAT TO END. Here’s how:

    Two key things will help us gain understanding. Every self-governed Citizen & Christian worth the Name, should learn this to understand how they trick you into giving up your Unalienable God given Rights, for State generated, revocable benefits. A truly bad trade, due to our ignorance. Try this:

    # 1 “America: Freedom To Fascism” by Arron Russo, it is a truly helpful documentary that blows the lid on how this is accomplished.

    # 2 Visit the website – Sovereignty Education & Defense Ministry. Click at ‘Start Here’ – Especially articles “How Scoundrels corrupted our Republican Form of Government” & “What Pastors & Clergy must know about Government & Taxation” – most of their articles are PDF downloads & can be printed for study groups, pastors, friends, etc. Perfect for your local TEA Parties

    I can tell you that these works will leave you speech-less as every page or two has a ‘light bulb going on over your head moment’ – you literally cannot imagine all the ways the system is rigged to fool us into giving up gold for a load of manure — and BARELY noticing in the process.

    There are millions who have ‘unplugged from the system’ – that is why the scammers in DC are moving so fast – their empire is crumbling – please free yourself – it helps us all – and give the crumbling structure a push on your way out the door.

    Pro Deo Et Patria !!

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