Government to Use Swine Flu for Another Control Mechanism

Friday, October 9, 2009
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The government wants to take your temperature and/or scan you for the swine flu before you board a plane. In fact, they want you to have a “health screening.” From the website:

Due to the outbreak of H1N1 (Swine) flu occurring in the United States and many other countries, airport staff in some countries may check the health of arriving passengers. Travelers from the United States arriving in other countries may be checked for fever and other symptoms of H1N1 (Swine) flu, and their travel may be delayed.

According to the Militarized Flu Police, you may be asked to:

  • Pass through a scanning device that checks your temperature. (The device may look like an airport metal detector, a camera, or a handheld device.)
  • Have your temperature taken with an oral or ear thermometer.
  • Fill out a sheet of questions about your health.
  • Review information about the symptoms of H1N1 (Swine) flu.
  • Give your address, phone number, and other contact information.
  • Be quarantined for a period of time if a passenger on your flight is found to have symptoms of H1N1 (Swine) flu.
  • Contact health authorities in the country you are visiting to let them know if you become ill.

If you have a “fever or respiratory symptoms” you may be asked to 1) be isolated from others, 2) submit to a medical examination, 3) take a rapid flu test with a nasal swab sample (!), 4) be hospitalized and given medical treatment if you test positive for H1N1.

I just listened to some nutcase proponent of this tyranny who was interviewed on FOX radio, and he called this “a sound public decision” and a “wise step.” He’d like to see the U.S. step up and institute such a thing because the poor creep “doesn’t want to get on a plane next to someone who is sneezing and wheezing.” The analyst for FOX: “It does, in a way, make sense.” Indeed, we are living in sick times and we are surrounded by sick minds.

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5 Responses to Government to Use Swine Flu for Another Control Mechanism

  1. cousin lucky says:

    October 9th, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    The ” Government Herders ” are never concerned with ANYONE’S individual liberty or individual rights. All they are ever concerned with; is everyone following their orders immediately, if not sooner!!

    I never thought that I would live long enough to see a Negro elected as our President; now I fear I might live long enough to see the day that I will have to phone for permission to leave my apartment to go to the grocery store!!

  2. Steve Bernier says:

    October 10th, 2009 at 10:16 am

    I am sitting down here at my laptop shaking my head at the shear madness of our government. I had a 3 oz travel shave cream confiscated because it was aerosol and I was traveling one way from my mom’s to Chicago, where I was boarding a US Airways flight back to Charlotte. I also had a beard at that time. I guess I am a terrorist waiting to happen. It will only stop when like minded people stand up and say “no more”. I really don’t feel anymore secure. Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who will give up essential liberty for a little security, deserve neither liberty nor security”. Wake up people!

  3. liberranter says:

    October 10th, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    If anything good could possibly come out of something this idiotic, it’s that at some point people will finally say, in massive numbers, “As of today, right here, right now, I will no longer fly anywhere, for any reason. If I have to go anywhere long distance, I’ll walk, drive, hitchhike, or hop a freight train.” Then and only then will there be any possibility of the airborne Greyhound Bus companies refocusing their attention on customer service, and for starters doing so by refusing to comply with federal police state diktats.

  4. clark says:

    October 13th, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    I did so used to love to fly, back when things were more normal. I too will never fly again. And, I will never take aspirin as a pain reliever when I have the flu again. Things you forget when your sick, I think that’s why the flu lasted so long for me, especially after reading the
    recent article on LRC about aspirin and the 1918 flu outbreak. The good news is my wife who has been with me every day has only had a mild stomach ache that lasted a day, perhaps loading her with D3 and B-12 worked? Just something I thought I’d pass along. Now that I’m better I can be bummed out as to how stupid everyone is about everything in their brainwashed fashion in how they ignore everything that is going on around them. I used to have a more opportunistic outlook, but lately – knowing about too much – with all the heavy chemtrailing going on and the way the Fed keeps stringing this bad economy along and the way the march to socialisim/marxisim/fascilism/Obamunisim keeps going… its wearing me down a bit. It’s not like I’m rich and I can escape to some Gault’s Gulch or something, even if, I keep thinking that’s what some S. Africans once refereed to as,
    “the chicken run” but then again if enough of the population does not awake before the boot meets the face, what good will hanging around do? Maybe I’m better off becoming some dirt poor share cropper in a far off land… dummy that’s why they are building US bases in S. America and Africa so the whole world can be just as messed up as
    everywhere else. “You can run, but you can’t hide” Dang this is frustrating, that’s what I get for being a problem solving type of guy in a possibly unsolvable situation. Scuse the rant on this old post, I had to vent… somewhere. I hope it wasn’t an absolute waste. It seems the Soviets/Marxists did win The Cold War, are they sitting in DC and most every statehouse now? This video of an interview with an ex-commie propagandist from the 1980’s I found on infowars seems to support this and the reasoning for how utterly incapable the population is in facing the realities we face today: Maybe a day at the gun range will cheer me up? Here is a bit from the video worth reading to see if you want to watch the video: “…The demoralization process in America is basically completed already… Most of it is done by Americans to Americans thanks to lack of moral standards… exposure to, “true information” does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to acess true information, the facts tell nothing to him, even if I shower him information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures, even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp he will refuse to believe it, until he’s going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When the military boot crashes his (privates?) Then he will understand, but not before that, that’s the tragic of the situation of demoralization…”

  5. clark says:

    October 13th, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    Sorry about the formatting, somthing in my PC?

    “…War becomes peace, a worthwhile “humanitarian undertaking.” Peaceful dissent becomes heresy…”

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