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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
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Someone pointed out to me a review of that was found over at A dude named Ian Wright writes up a review of, where he mentions me:

One of LRC’s traditionalist Catholic writers assured me via private e-mail that the Church cannot teach authoritatively on “monetary” matters (the Church teaches that the state has an obligation to provide a “stable currency” and that usury is evil). This is not a traditionalist view and as a student of papal teachings, I can assure you that maintaining contradictory philosophical positions is not good for the intellectual integrity of paleolibertarianism. Libertarianism is rational and humane and respects the freedom of human thought and genius. It’s a disappointment to see libertarianism further fragment as a result of letting philosophical Trojan Horses through the back door. The fact that the traditionalist writers like Dr. Woods and Karen De Koster are so oblivious to the self-evident contradictions between the two systems is a really an indication that we libertarians have a lot of work to do.

Not only does he get Butler Shaffer’s (“Schafer”) name and my name wrong (“De Koster”), but he definitely has “Karen De Koster” mixed up with one of the other evangelical Catholics on LRC that write on Catholicism often. I don’t ever evangelize on this topic, nor have I ever written anything, ever, about Catholic teaching, or certainly, about monetary matters and the Church, in any of my columns or blogs.

This is not the first time folks get us writers mixed up. I often have people writing me, charging me with faulty thinking, or posting something about me on another website, and their charges are based on a column that I did not even write. You’d think folks would be more careful when they are criticizing an author, and certainly, getting the names spelled correctly is a start. However, further evidence I received indicates that this individual knew full well who wrote what, and what I didn’t write. What utter incompetence, dishonesty, and assininity. I will post a review to Alexa completely discrediting him.

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