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Monday, July 22, 2013
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Of all the requests I get, for interviews and article submissions and whatnot, out of the blue came one of the most inspiring of all. I’ve been asked to do an interview with Belgian Publishing Inc., which publishes the Gazette van Detroit, a Flemish paper that turns 100 years old next summer. I struggled to read that paper as a youngster, hoping to be fluent in Dutch one day. I can pick up Dutch writing tidbits here and there, but I have absolutely no command of the language.

I am honored that the president of the paper (new management), who is a libertarian and reads, reached out to me and asked that I be the subject of an interview for the August 2013 issue. This is a unique and thrilling opportunity to be exposed to the entire U.S. and Canada Flemish-American readership.

His intent is to interview prominent Flemish Americans for the Gazette, with me being the virgin interview. The paper’s new management hopes to “underscore the variety and depth of the success of Flemish Americans.” The paper is published right here in my hood, where there still exists a large Flemish population.

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  1. jeannie queenie says:

    July 23rd, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    Karen, congrats on this with the Flemish community. Would be great if you could interview some Flemish folks who have lived in Michigan all their lives to see how they feel about the great transformation of the city they came too decades ago. That is, when it had the highest per capita earnings in the entire US of A.

    But oh, how now, it is at the bottom of the heap and going lower for each day except in those areas where yuppies believe their monied upscale joints will rejuvenate a lost city. But even that is a dead-end street with no jobs/massive crime/arab communities demanding Detroiters become their dhimmis. And adding to that dysfunction, local police doing what the UK cops do in London, simply, cave to moe demands. I am actually glad my Flemish father died a few years ago, so that he never got to see how it worsened since then. He was already super upset for five decades having observed the crooked democrats reigning over Detroit. His beloved city where he landed in 1928 welcomed him with open arms. He did not ask for, nor did his parents for any handouts from govt, didn’t demand that the US now start speaking their European language…nor demand that they get any goodies of any stripes from anyone. No, instead they just put their nose to the grindstone and with creativity, elbow grease and family values, they did what they had to do. My grandfather came from a poor large/12 kids farming family in Belgium. That was all he had known when he came to America, but no slouch, he, quickly learned the building trade and designed/built homes that were architecturally 75 years ahead of what was standard housing for that era. He taught both sons,my dad and uncle, the building trade and they too would eventually design and build amazing homes when I was just but a kid/1940′s. But when you look at today and new immigrants, but not all, coming to America, you see predators, leeches, ‘entitlement minded’, obnoxious, dirty and recalcitrant males that the left/loony libs/dems tell us we MUST FEEL sorry for them. Say what!!! No one in my family ever cried like a banshee demanding anyone give them one red cent. Nope, they believed in God, in their own powers to effect goodness, truth and beauty. Oh how, we have fallen to a miserable state in this country. And now with our open borders, all kinds of mental misfits and felons/drug dealers/murderers/rapists/head choppers, walk through our door demanding we cave to their mental illness. Until Americans wake the F up as to what is in their midst, our fate will be utterly cruel. And Detroit, I would add is just the forerunner of what is to come, and no yuppies in the whole world can forestall the demise, the ugliness, the vast horror show that is spreading like wildfire all around us. Yes, even here on the east coast we have heard stories for over 3 years of towns laying off police, firemen, closing libraries, more and more arsons, less hours from companies and town offices. In our town, I have seen our local library offering free breakfasts and lunches to kids from around town, kids whose parents are often drugged out, sucking off the guv nanny teet while they neglect/abuse their own kids. And then the growing cells/moe in small towns/forests/countryside, over 150 spread across the US should be a hugh wake up call.

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