Friendly Fascism and the Overlords

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
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Once again, silly little things like freedom and self-ownership get in the way of important master plans such as universal flu vaccinations. I’ve linked to these NIH publications before, but I hadn’t seen this one until reader Rob P. sent it to me.

There is growing interest in simplifying recommendations to vaccinate Americans against influenza. The article discusses interviews with 35 stakeholders from the medical, public health, educational, insurance, and vaccine industry sectors to assess the potential for policy change, and discusses questions posed to the interviewees on current and future influenza vaccination policy and barriers to policy change.

Note that 35 people who have an interest in forcing vaccinations upon the populace can drive an entire public policy that relies upon surrender to force (for the other 300+ million). Reader Rob P. writes this:

They are unelected. They are totally unaccountable to the public who is effected by their policies. There is no recourse or way to appeal. They are immune to lawsuits. The state always becomes more powerful. The industries gain monopolies or are guided by the government in what they should produce based on what is covered by the state welfare money. The quality of product or even whether it is needed is irrelevant. The hand picked ‘professionals’, such as the doctors who require special state licensing to qualify, are to be the ‘oversight’ and guide policy based on statistical data that is skewed by data collected by begging the question. The herd is herded. Franz Kafka couldn’t imagine it.

The way that this country and many others creates and forces such policies on the public is highly elitist in a fascistic kind of way. It is true ‘corporatism’ — representatives from labor, professional NGOs, state bureaucrats, and industry all get together and choose for the other 330+ million of us.

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4 Responses to Friendly Fascism and the Overlords

  1. Bob says:

    May 16th, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    “I for one welcome our new insect overlords.” — Kent Brockman, “The Simpsons.”

  2. me says:

    May 17th, 2012 at 2:22 am

    “There is growing interest in simplifying recommendations to vaccinate Americans against influenza. ”

    Everyone, mandatory, no exceptions?

  3. read a book says:

    May 20th, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    Oh wow, this looked pretty bad until I clicked the link and realized that this was a random article from an obscure journal with little impact in which 35 people were simply interviewed.

    Did anyone even read any of this?

    Who do you think these people are?

    How do a bunch of quotes from people in wildly different professions (e.g. “school administrators,” “third party payers,” “health care providers”) who have never met and constitute evidence for an unaccountable cabal threatening the health of our children?

    I’m pretty sure the only thing Kafka-esque about this is the prison you lock your mind in by NOT EVEN READING things you post about.

  4. splash daddy says:

    June 4th, 2012 at 11:06 am

    Vox Day has a series of recent posts on vaccinations at Vox Popoli:
    “read a book” do a little research. Vaccines are a hugh cash cow (with liability protections) for Big Pharma. I’m not anti-vaccine but we seemed to have lost the ability to weigh risk vs return.

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