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Thursday, December 26, 2002
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Free-Market.Net Operations Suspended: FM has been the single greatest portal in the libertarian movement from its inception. I got to admit: there for a while, I saw getting caught up in this sort of lefty-libertarian rut, incessantly hailing too much of all of this social leftist propaganda for a while……..lots of libertarian folks noticed it. But folks also noticed that when Louis James came on board with FM, things turned back to a hard-hitting, anarcho-libertarian viewpoint — where no punches were pulled and “old-fashioned”, anti-State libertarianism was once again the focus.

So another regretful consequence is that we lose a good rabble-rouser like James at the head of a good, rabble-rousing organization. That is, until Louis James finds a new rabble-rousing home.

You don’t know how many nights I have dreams where I amass some lottery-like fortune and have the ability to finance every libertarian foundation and organization on the planet. No, I don’t dream of a 20,000 sq. ft. house with gold faucets, nor a garage full of exotic cars, but a fortune with which to finance a libertarian revolution.

Ohhh well, back to playing the State’s Powerball lottery again, I suppose.

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