Food is Child’s Play

Saturday, January 1, 2011
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Cleaning out my bookmarks had me lingering over several old articles from summertime – those celebrating the revolting foods being conjured up and served at state fairs. There was the doughnut burger, a quasi-beef patty served up between two Krispy Kreme doughnuts; deep-fried butter (good butter gone bad in GMO-laden vegetable oils); and deep-fried coke. It seems the state fairs have become a playground for adolescent idiots who compete with one another to concoct the most inane and childish food artifacts that will attract the most disgust and media attention. It’s no surprise that each time I see one of these articles, the aged adolescent hawking the unbelievable-but-true food item is always oversized with the quintessential carb face. There’s way too much evidence – in abundance – that America is the land of the perpetually-in-puberty adult who revels in his own dopiness.

Most certainly, the consistent reference you will find in the various articles about this food is that the food item in question is “high-calorie” and “high-fat.” Not one mention of the carbs, the sugars, the GMO ingredients, the deep frying (in toxic vegetable oils), the overall quality of the food, etc. One article referred to these foods as being “fat bombs.” A fat bomb is the huge ground round (bunless, of course) that I had tonight, topped off with sauteed tomatoes, mushrooms, and 1/3 pound of bacon. Real, whole foods and healthy fats. The items described in the article are sugar, carb, and deep-fried bombs.

To bring up Gary Taubes again, his book, Good Calories, Bad Calories, flaunted this cover for a reason: it’s a test of your emergency thinking system.

Almost any person who has been a captive of the lies and myths from the government-medical-diet establishment will guess that the butter is bad, and surely, the toast must be the “good,” especially if it is “whole grain” (contains toxic anti-nutrients) or “wheat” (colored white bread).

Fooled ya. The cover is there for a reason. Perhaps the ignorance of the truth can help to explain this recent news item (though it is nothing groundbreaking:): “One-third of 9-months-olds already obese or overweight.” Pretty soon we’ll see toddlers receiving gastric bypass surgery. Thus comes another reason for Michelle Obama to make the case for government intervention in all things food and eating. Michelle is like any other first lady – she needs some sort of a highly-visible cause so she can appear as powerful and cosmopolitan as her presidential husband, instead of looking like the lame wife decorating the White House and picking out new china. So she chose the role as the Food Fascism Czar, a duty rooted in, of course, saving the children.

She and her anti-obesity foot soldiers have declared was on childhood obesity – one reason being that overweight children are too likely to grow up overweight and thus won’t make good domestic peacekeepers and/or killers for the state’s democracy-spreading campaigns. It was Michelle who opined that childhood obesity “isn’t just a public health issue …… it is a national security threat.” Perhaps the first lady ought to campaign to put an end to state fairs because they are a national security threat. Surely, any Muslim with common sense would flee from an obese, American teenager in lowrider jeans and a sideways-turned lid brandishing a genetically modified – and perhaps petrified – funnel cake or elephant ear saturated in canola oil.

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One Response to Food is Child’s Play

  1. Iluvatar says:

    January 2nd, 2011 at 3:44 am

    3 things:

    1) where in Article I, Section 8 does it say that the Fed Gov has the right to enforce & control what kinds of foods we eat?

    I could almost stop right there.

    2) Hey Karen, instead of (me) going loopy on M.O. (again), I think you should write a form letter regarding healthy foods, citing references, and include a mailing address for both M.O. and the FDA. We pop it off your site & into a MSWord doc, and then mail it! How about that? Got to admit, it’s an attention getter. I’d do it in a heartbeat…

    3) Here is a short anecdote that isn’t very funny. Was coaching youth flag football in my 4th (5th?) season. Finally, had to ask the parents (in a letter) to stop bringing food (energy bars) and Gatorade to practices and games. Reason? The amount of calories burned in that sport don’t EVEN require hydration! But the sugar in what they were eating and drinking just sent me over the top – only allowed water and not much of it either (that is another thing I think we do way too much of – drink water (and it is so fashionable, too!! all those strutters walking here and there with their designer water – dude! drinking too much water is like a diuretic you FOOL! knock it the f* off!)).

    To end this, Soccer/Pool Mom comes over to me and says how happy she is that her son has to jog around the field (2 times) before practice starts (muscle core temp issue). Then she complained how little exercise he gets at home sitting there playing his PS2 all the time.

    She blamed his inactivity on the damn box!!

    I didn’t say a word, but I shot her a look that was at least quizzical. What was bothering me the most was that she was blaming an inanimate OBJECT for the sedentary nature of her son!!

    It wasn’t HER fault! No way, Jose! It was the damn box!

    This is another casualty of our socialistic-leaning society – it ain’t NEVER anyone’s fault – blame it on the dog…

    The sheer inability of this Soccer/Pool mom to get where the responsibility really layed was absolutely stellar – no sh*t!

    PS Oh btw, happy new year (I got your meal beat too btw, Quiche Lorraine: eggs, onions, bacon, gruyere cheese, replete w/ spinach salad (w/ more bacon in it!), and oh… ahem, beer was involved as well…) Then it was on to the cheese fondue…(lol)

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