Five Heroes (and Friends of Liberty) To Acknowledge

Thursday, April 30, 2009
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I’ve been thinking about the people who are so important to the patriot-liberty movement in the current times. I want to take the time to acknowledge them. First, I think one of the most important individuals who we need to acknowledge and thank is the heroic Judge Andrew Napolitano. Besides my being hooked (!!) on Freedom Watch, I believe that this man is one of the most passionate and brilliant forces for liberty in our time. He’s a former state Superior Court Judge, a scholar of the Constitution, and a prolific commentator, analyst, columnist, and author. In addition, his background and position gains him tremendous respect, even within the mainstream media. But he is completely radical – very vocal on natural law, pro-secession, and inflexible on questions of property rights and contract law. By the way – his publicist has arranged for me to interview him, hopefully for Taki Radio, and hopefully by next week if I can get the technology all set and ready to go.

In addition, I put Gerald Celente up near the top of the list. He’s very respected and established, he’s an avowed “political atheist,” and he’s completely objective on all issues. He comes down on the libertarian side, time and time again, because it offers the only rational and workable solutions — not because he’s declared that he’s a libertarian. In his podcast with Lew Rockwell, he has stated that the government’s propaganda and wordplay (such as “car czar”) to be “juvenile” and “childish.” In spite of that very accurate assessment, no one else has addressed it as well as he has. He is amazingly articulate, vocal, and principled.

Peter Schiff. Another visible, hardcore, principled Austro-libertarian. No need to to go on and on about Schiff – his virtues for liberty are well known. He just keeps on keeping on.

Ron Paul is on this list, of course. For all he does to shed insider views on Washington and its antics, we owe him much respect and thanks. In addition, he appears everywhere and has become a YouTube celebrity regular, providing great insights and hardcore, relentless nonconformity.

Last but not least is the greatest intellectual entrepreneur of our time, Lew Rockwell. Lew is the glue that keeps everything stuck together and firing on all cylinders. His knowledge, experience, connections, and the respect he commands makes his website the center of the pro-liberty universe. We are all honored for being associated with him.

Additionally, is it interesting that all of the above individuals appear on many of Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch shows on Wednesday on FOX? That speaks volumes to The Judge’s principled views and commitment to the truth. He even had Alex Jones on his show, which I think was a welcome move.

To all of you gentlemen mentioned above – Thank You. If you have not donated to, please do so today.

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