Finally Done/Fundraising Time!

Sunday, August 3, 2003
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Ok, methinks this blog is finally updated in full. Note the changes made. I have enabled comments, to try that out, and you’ll note that all posts prior to today will have “-0- comments” for the most part. Feel free to comment away. Just don’t say “Karen, you @#$%^&*!….” I do not want the government slapping an R rating on this blog.

If you are still getting those nasty run time errors on the blog page, I’d like to know. If you used to get them, and now you don’t, please tell me that too. That will help me to know that they have gone away. (I hope, I hope)

I’ve updated and redesigned the blog (well, my BlogMaster did), and I’ve moved the site to a new webhost. Plus, more updates, sections, and stuff are coming soon. All this technology and labor costs money (my BlogMaster charges $11,500 per hour), so if you feel even the slightest “obligation” {smirk} to donate to, I’m here to tell you that I will not dare stop you. I will never stand in your way. You’ll find the “Make a Donation” box on the front page, on the left side, if you scroll down. See, it’s there…really, it is.

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