Finally, a Vaccination That Should Be Forced

Saturday, February 7, 2015
Posted in category Medical Tyranny

I appreciate Ryan McMaken’s comments on the compulsory-vaccine crowd. Again, another poke of reality that, I thought, was another well-done piece of parody. Then I realized that USA Today isn’t a parody tabloid … or is it?

This is what happens when reactionary-hysterical, crazed collectivists who go on public-health benders and simultaneously lack basic critical thinking skills have a welcoming place to publish their hyperventilating debris. This is the sub-headline, and I shit you not:

Your family’s right to be sick ends where public health begins.

Funny, I’ve not known one person who has ever fought or died for their “right to be sick.” Methinks this guy has a bad case of stupid and has never opted for the anti-stupidity vaccination. The author of this emotive screed is listed as the founding editor of “RealClearScience.” Three cheers for a RealClearAsshat.

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