FEE/Giuliani Episode: R.W. Bradford, in

Sunday, August 18, 2002
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FEE/Giuliani Episode: R.W. Bradford, in the September 2002 issue of Liberty, writes about the Giuliani Gala at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE): “Skousen’s choosing Giuliani to keynote the banquet touched off a storm of controversy among libertarians on the net, culminating in some of the nastiest and crudest personal attacks I’ve ever witnessed. I hope that Skousen will come to his senses and stop sucking up to fascists like Giuliani, no matter how popular they are. FEE has been an important libertarian institution for a long time, and I hope this little flirtation with statism will prove to be only a temporary aberration.” Strong words, but then again, this is a passionate topic for hardcore libertarians. See the original article that started this, the debate, responses, etc.

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