FEE Promotes FrankenAnimals as a “Revolution.”

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
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So now FEE is promoting gene-editing and genetically-engineered animals as a free-market alternative for farming while making the case that to do so will foil the rotten FDA, essentially trying to string up this position as a libertarian, free-market position. Besides being some of the worst writing I have ever seen on FEE, this writer doesn’t have a clue about farming, and in fact, two-thirds the article is quoted from others. Why is FEE promoting this shoddy trash? To quote the writer:

Of course, nothing in this world is simple. The technology itself is safe, straightforward, and well-understood, but like all progress, there’s nothing so cool and so beneficial that the government can’t screw it up.

The government has never approved a genetically engineered animal, and for small companies, the regulations and hurdles for GMO foods are nearly insurmountable.

I have no idea what this is meant to convey, but the writer, Daniel Bier, attempts to interject some anemic libertarian dogma by producing many of the so-called key words and phrases: FDA regulations bad (yes, we know that); animal cruelty can be ended (yes, we agree); and lastly, he includes the really big phrase-of-the-day in his title: “anti-GMO activists.” I’ve got news for Mr. Bier – the crazed, libertarian case for Frankenfoods as a free-market concept went away, for the most part, years ago, because most libertarians came to realize that the Big Food-Big Agra Machine that kept this “progressive” technology afloat was rooted in massive government subsidies; rent-seeking manipulations; political cronyism; and economic oligarchy. Mr. Bier is about ten years behind the headlines. I pity him.

Historically, libertarians and libertarian organizations have been very pro-GMO and biotech, in particular. Once upon a time, all the think tanks – and Reason Magazine – wrote vehemently in favor of this sort of thing, citing it as human progress. And anyone who opposed it was anti-tech, anti-progress, anti-free market, and a fool. Many bad articles that assumed the pro-Frankenfoods position were published by libertarians and libertarian organizations.

Lew Rockwell pointed out to me, and others, about a dozen years ago, that I was the very first libertarian to bring this issue any substantial visibility, with the approach that Frankenfoods were not a “free market” gizmo, and I was able to make the case as to *why* by using sound economic principles and historical facts, as well as understanding the mechanics of the CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Organization) as an antithesis to the free market. Lew said I turned his own position on this issue, which is quite the honor. Bier, because he is uneducated in these matters, keeps the CAFO (subsidized-industrialized system) subject hush-hush in his article while advocating for technology that aims to keep the current system intact with so-called “humane” genetic modifications to bypass the worst horrors of the industrial CAFO system.

Maybe Mr. Bier should go to Joel Salatin’s 550-acre farm for a half -a-day to understand polyculture, and what animals – real, humanely-treated animals – actually contribute to conservation and the eco-agricultural system in a sustainable farming system that rejects both the politicized status quo and corporate-state, politicized, genetic tomfoolery.

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