Fear, Paranoia, and Prayer in Government Schools

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
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Oh the fear, the paranoia, the pleas for greater protection, scores of asinine comments about the costs of a “free” society, and the endless worship of our government leaders who will protect us. Each time these isolated events happen, such as the Boston bombing, the serfs rise up to declare their allegiance to the state and its torchbearers of security. This is the generation where “freedom isn’t free” is the acclaimed motto of the Killing State.

My local news played back some comments from local listeners on the Boston Marathon blasts, and one lady stated, “it’s because we have taken prayer and God out of our schools that these violent events are happening.” But then again, Mike Huckabee invoked similar utterances after the Sandy Hook shooting.

The fundamentalists can’t let go of the fact that personal and voluntary prayer to one’s God is not compatible with a compulsory and despotic government school system that suppresses individuality in order to indoctrinate children collectively. And these schools that formerly embraced God are the same schools that have always promoted the worship of the state, its flag, its wars, its military superiority, and American exceptionalism, all while paying lip service to the tenets of diversity and political correctness.

The photos and video of first responders rushing to secure the homeland are pasted everywhere to pay homage to the state and its agents of glory. Not only has Sports Illustrated put the famed Boston cops on the cover of its current issue, but the media has not been shy about boasting that one of the cops on the cover is an openly gay cop. So the guy is not only a hero for reacting to a bomb blast, but he is also a part of the special victim class, which makes him doubly heroic.


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