Excuse Me, but, Define “Dictatorial”……

Sunday, April 24, 2005
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Are common citizenry, such as those subjected to the dictates of the coercive and theft-ridden State, also subject to Catholic teaching? Just a tidbit from this progressive “Catholic” writer:

Among Ratzinger’s most notorious acts was the public humiliation of Seattle Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen, whose diocese authority on doctrinal matters the Vatican temporarily took from him, placing it in the hands of a caretaker appointed by the prefect. Among Hunthausen’s many sins (allowing divorced Catholics to take Communion, allowing lay people too much participation in religious rites, allowing women at the altar)….”

Indeed, Ratzinger will clamp down on the left-progressive movement inside the Church that is attempting to destroy it. Uh, perhaps the “sin” here is that neither of the above are allowable under strict Catholic doctrine, so since Catholicism is voluntary, I suggest the heretical types take leave of the Church and shut up. All hail Pope Benedict XVI.

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