Empires Don’t Set Out to Become Empires…

Thursday, June 26, 2003
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…it just “happens.” Reluctant imperium!

Or so says the crazed Robert Kaplan. Read the online Atlantic interview, but even more so, I highly recommend the July/August print edition which contains an article by Kaplan on 10 points for bombing and taking over the world. This is one of the most crazed pieces I have ever seen. Kaplan calls for the U.S. to:

* set up military missions throughout the world
* emulate 2nd-century Rome
* advance democracy through the military
* advance diplomacy through subtle force
* become more “lethal” as a military power
* bring back the good old days of covert operations
* dominate the world off camera, and keep the public fooled
* reinvent the US Information Agency

and, last but not least:

* make Churchill happy and become that worthy successor to the British Empire

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