Empire is not Constrained

Sunday, January 21, 2007
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I heard a government talking head on one of the mainstream stations the other day. rumsfeld_claw.jpg Unfortunately, the sound bite was so short I did not catch who was speaking – perhaps someone from Congress or the Department of War. In discussing options in Iran, this fella noted that (this is paraphrased) “Iran seems to think that our options over there are constrained because they have this notion that we are too stretched out in Iraq….” Uh, lemme see – the war is under attack by the common people (finally), the whole thing in Iraq is falling apart at the seams, the Dems are now pushing hard on the issue (for purely political purposes), there is a severe shortage of troops in Iraq, there has long been talk of a draft, it has become obvious that Iraq is not ever going to fall to US forces, and the Empire is in mayhem and can’t even cover its ass in Afghanistan, let alone Iraq.

But we should not be constrained from taking over yet another foreign land.

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