Sunday, November 5, 2006
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I need to start giving out this occasional award. My first winner is a commenter on this Business Week article called “Detroit’s Temporary Turnaround?” I have left his grammatical incoherence entirely intact:

Nov 3, 2006 7:02 AM GMT
We buy fuel efficient cars to conserve gasoine only to be wasted by the SUVs and PickUps?? Someone said well that is supply and demand, I say, fine lets tag gas guzzlers with RFID tags that electronically tell the gas pumps to charge a lot extra to gas guzzlers and cut a lot to fuel misers. how is that for supply and demand in this 21st century?? We can tailor to every individual how much he needs to pay for gasoline as according to his car or SUV model. We can do that and we can use our technology to help combat the inequalites of supply and demand. Dont give me that Big Brother Is Watching You! slander! It was a passe back in 1984 and Big Brother is already a gray beard. We move on and we can charge extra to gas guzzlers and forfeit to fuel misers.

Nov 3, 2006 6:57 AM GMT
Anybody who buys SUVs and PickUps are really physics retards!! They dont understand the inertia principles . Who needs to drive 4 tons of bolts and nuts?? What for, man? just gasoline maschosim??

‘Tis why I always stress the tyranny of the busybody masses in addition to tyranny from the state. I can’t even comment on his “supply and demand analysis” or his Nazi notion of RFID’ing the way to total oppression. This guy made both comments posted above, and not only is he functionally retarded, but as my Professor Dr. Byrne * always stressed – if you don’t know what the hell you are talking about, you best shut up and say nothing, otherwise you are a total idiot.

* To reminisce on Dr. Byrne’s comments about this brings a smile to my face. Dr. Byrne comically referred to uninformed people spouting off as being a major epidemic. Now I do not refer to people with whom you disagree, but rather those that are fuunctionally incapable of offering up expertise on a topic in which they purport to be “the expert.” Typically, this means people who do not read or research, but instead repeat silly “truthisms” offered up from other non-knowing types who feign expertise. Think tv talk shows, news, etc.

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