Don’t Save Lives on Government Motors Property

Thursday, February 11, 2016
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About 3 miles from my home, at the General Motors Technology Center, there was an incident yesterday. An employee of GM was attacked by an individual just outside the building, after a heated discussion. She was stabbed multiple times, in the neck and abdomen. The murder-in-progress was foiled by a nearby valet who was on site, and who legally carries a firearm. The valet works for a third party hired by GM. Stories online say this third-party employer prohibits the carrying of a firearm by their employees, but local reports have stated that it is GM officials who are putting the pressure on for the valet to be fired for the “crime” of carrying a firearm onto company property.

The woman is in critical condition at a local hospital, her life having been saved thus far by a man pulling a gun on her attacker. Government Motors canĀ knowingly kill its customers with its known faulty ignition switches, for years, but an astute young man who saves a life with a gun is under attack by the corporate pc police who are appalled that he had the wherewithal to save this life.

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