Detroit Free Press Story Featuring Me

Sunday, August 9, 2009
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A writer from the Detroit Free Press did a feature story on me and why I do “functional” workouts using my outdoor environment. It is in today’s paper.

Here is the link to the photo essay I originally published on my website showing my “downtown Detroit functional fitness workouts.” A fitness writer from the Detroit Free Press, Krista Jahnke, came across my blog post online and asked to do a feature story on me and why/how I do “functional” workouts using my environment. She came along with me, with a photographer, one afternoon almost two weeks ago. It is in today’s paper. It’s a great plug for functional or “primal” fitness. Here is the online Detroit Free Press story. All photos are Detroit Free Press photos.

Free Press feature story 1

Free Press feature story 2

Free Press feature story 3

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2 Responses to Detroit Free Press Story Featuring Me

  1. Zach says:

    August 16th, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    Karen, I’ve been following you on LRC and your site for years, and since going on EF/Paleo diet over the last year I have appreciated your writings and enthusiasm for health and fitness all the more. Great write-up from the Free Press.

    I certainly don’t want to appear as part of the food police, but it’s awesome when two of my passions come together: nutrition (recently) and libertarianism, and they always come together so nicely on your site. Though I completely believe in free choice and non-interference from the government regarding telling us what we can and can’t eat, it’s what the government does push on us via subsidies for corn, wheat and other grains and sugars that worry me (the government influence of the inputs, not the outputs, so to speak, is what is really the problem).

    In the same way that many Misesian thinkers would want to avoid Obama-care in favor of the DeCoster-care mentioned in your interview and writings, it seems to me more and more that a libertarian ignorant of the health benefits of a paleo/primal/evolutionary diet, no matter what his/her education is in economics, is ignorant in some basic understanding of his/her most precious private property… the body.

    If private property and voluntary division of labor is what it’s all about (according to Rothbard’s definition), a libertarian gorging on High Fructose Corn Syrup (the production of which is subsidized by the state thereby perhaps influencing the dietary choice due to the cheaper price) criticizing that very state in turning around and trying to reclaim part of that subsidy back via taxing a HFCS-laden soda as a “fat tax” and fist-pumping that he/she is “free to eat what I want” is one of the most uniquely absurd things I can think of since reclaiming my birthright diet last year.

    Thanks for the great libertarian/health-fitness fusion on this site.

  2. Karen De Coster says:

    August 16th, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Zach, for years, even when I was on old-fashioned email list serves, the paleo-style (or, at least Atkins diet) has been a source of fascination for libertarian types. Because they realize the scam has long been on regarding our food – you mentioned a few of them. It makes sense because both libertarians and paleo-primal types are self-directed, self-starting autodidacts. I see you link to Richard Nikoly and other leading paleos on the web. Nice site – I need to check it out more later.

    p.s. — I have been wanting to establish a health/fitness/paleo-primal blog that would be separate from this blog, though cross-posted. I hope to do this soon if it is feasible.

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