Detroit: A Look at the Civil Unrest to Come?

Thursday, October 8, 2009
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Rumors that the Obama administration was giving away $3,000 “stimulus checks” started the ruckus. The Detroit Police Department’s Gang Squad, along with other tactical units, were called in for crowd control purposes. From the FOX story:

Scuffles erupted as several thousand Detroit residents jockeyed, pushed and shoved Wednesday to get free money being offered to only 3,500 of the city’s recently or soon to be homeless.

Several received medical treatment for fainting or exhaustion while frantically trying to obtain the applications for federal housing assistance. The long lines and short tempers highlighted the frustration and desperation that Detroit residents feel struggling through an economic nightmare.

The line around Cobo Center, a downtown convention center, started forming well before daybreak. Anger flared within a few hours as more people sought out a dwindling number of applications for the program.

The city was distributing applications for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing program, and its bureaucrats will decide what 3,500 people will get a maximum of $3,000. The city’s application, planning, and approval process is, I’m sure, a “stimulus” program all on its own, providing a lot of work for the government’s tax eaters. This was seen as a gift from Obama because his cheerleaders among the masses knew he would take care of them – food, gas, mortgage, and all. As desperation materializes, and the reality becomes clear – that there is only job destruction in Detroit and the surrounding area, not job creation – both people in genuine need, and those who spend their lives plotting and taking and feeding off the system, will become more agitated and more demanding, and the unrest will escalate. Considering the limits of the cash freebie, what happens when those 46,000+ people get turned down for assistance? The Detroit News reported:

Wednesday’s line stretched for blocks and before the process could be completed at least six people were taken away by ambulance, 150 police were called to the scene and the city stopped distributing applications before noon.

View the startling photographs from the Detroit News (right side). Here’s a video from WDIV news.

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4 Responses to Detroit: A Look at the Civil Unrest to Come?

  1. liberranter says:

    October 8th, 2009 at 9:46 am

    Not only was there almost certainly no “stimulus money” to be given away (the rumor being exactly that – just a rumor, deliberately circulated by agents of the State), it would not be at all surprising to learn that the real reason for starting said rumor was precisely to provoke the reaction that it did, thereby requiring intervention by the forces of the State. What we are seeing here is very likely the first of several experiments in “citizen control”, characterized first by deliberate provocation of the masses into action, followed then by the imposition of martial law-style crowd control. What we saw in this instance in Detroit was the mildest of reactions; future incidents won’t result in such benign outcomes for “the sheeple.”

  2. Jeannie Queenie says:

    October 8th, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    I do believe that said civil unrest will be even worse, when all the boomers wake up and realize that they govt wants their 401k’s too. Then all hell will break loose when they/boomers, en masse, withdraw their monies, take the penalty hit if not 59 yrs old yet, and take said money out of the market in some cases, to pay off their mortgages so that they have at least a roof over their head, even if no retirement. I think we all have a pretty good idea of what will happen when the market/DOW hits under 5,000….then hell WILL break loose all over.
    But if the morons in govt power positions think that they will be able to milk John and Jane Doe for more dough, they will be in for a surprise. As Maggie Thatcher said, “Socialism works well as long as the guy you are stealing from has money, but when he runs out, it’s a diff story.”

  3. Craig says:

    October 8th, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Detroit is an extreme example, marred with extreme problems.
    Detroit’s unemployement rate is over 28%, and the city itself has a signficant portion of the population living at or below poverity. Any chance to receive a hand out in Detroit is going to have similar effects. Those who wanted to better themselves have left the city for the most part. In the current state, you have the free loaders left in the city proper, the homeless, and white kids trying to find cheap rents. There are not too many cities with Detroits problems, and I would contend that until other cities reach similar levels of unemployement and poverty, we will not see “riots”. Why does everything that happens have to be tied to martial law and the NWO? Can we be rationally thinking adults and look at the whole puzzle, and not just a few pieces here and there? I am seriously getting more turned off the more I read people’s “responses” to a problem. I do not read Info Wars, and now I have to read a bunch of Alex Jones shrills replying everywhere about martial law and the NWO to explain everything.

  4. Jeannie Queenie says:

    October 10th, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    Craig, I would love to see if you retract your above remarks come, say, October, 2012 -2014. Guess what——-the party isn’t over yet bud!
    In fact, it has just begun…if you think that Detroit is the only city having such problems, you are not abreast of the news. Do you actually think that folks can keep losing jobs and their homes, and all will be just hunky dory for the rest of us? Check out other cities like here in New England…in Providence RI, recently they laid off many cops and firemen, just as they are doing in many other towns, including smaller ones. Do you actually think that no homes will go up in blazes, or that no one will try to break and enter to burglarize knowing cops are not around to help? If you think that desperate people don’t do desperate things, you are living in an illusion. I wont take the time now, but here in my small town in recent months I can point to six different times that a clerk tried to rip me off in an attempt to pocket some extra money for themselves. When you buy and ice cream cone in the summer that costs two bucks and you give the kid a twenty and don’t get your change, but stand there and wait until they ask ‘what do you want’..and you reply, ‘my change’ to which they say you have none coming’, then you know that the fun has just begun…and yes, I did get my change..funny thing is that she had it right by the side of the register….anticipating if I would recall giving her a twenty…so buyer, be aware…lots of light crime now requiring a not-so-light-beating of the butt of these ‘entitlement kids’ who will do anything to get theirs!

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