Wednesday, October 14, 2015
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It looks like the Republicrats may finally get one of their guys elected President after our 8-year Obama sentence is over next year. That’s because the Demopublicans will have nothing to offer beyond an occasional 2 hours of entertainment orchestrated by Entertainment Director Anderson Cooper. While Jim Webb is the only Demopublican with any speck of sense or know-what, they wouldn’t even let him speak let alone allow him to make a run to lead the monkey farm. People keep saying America isn’t ready for a socialist President, so Sanders is out. On the contrary, Americans have elected a socialist-Democrat President for back-to-back terms, so one can say that Americans have likely evolved from electing a stealth socialist to perhaps being willing to elect an overt socialist. However, the fact is that Bernie Sanders sits to the ideological right of Herr Obama on multiple issues, including gun control.

Sanders is actually the smartest guy in that Demopublican room, so look at the last 8 years and realize that you are not ‘safe’ from Americans electing socialist BERNIE. The real fear, however, is that Billary could gain momentum enough to win the nomination. At that point, I’d roll the dice that any Republicrat nominated would lay waste to her because Billary’s constituency does not include enough of the male gender outside of left-wing, special-interest factions; entitlement-oriented minorities; Prius-driving conservative haters; and emasculated middle-and-upper-class white males.

A megalomanic Billary regime will exceed the trauma to liberty of the Bush *and* Obama years, turning the clock back 30+ years on freedom.

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