Defending the Rathole

Friday, January 28, 2005
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Maralyn Polak writes in defense of state mind control. Two points that Polak makes against homeschooling are: (1) “And don’t tell me the lack of socialization with others doesn’t take its toll on these kids’ psychological development.” and (2) “Sure, it might be wonderful to mold the minds of American youth right there in your living room, but this really becomes yet another staggering responsibility falling squarely on, in most cases, Mama’s shoulders.”

On #1: How much dinosaur dung is on that argument? First, where is it written that homeschooled kids don’t “socialize?” Has she seen the interactive, shared learning processes that go on in homeschooled communities? Also, why is it deemed necessary for children to turn a few hours a day of educational experience into a social circle? On #2: Surely we can’t have “Mama” having a “staggering responsibility” fall upon her shoulders when she can dump off that responsibility on the collective citizenry. When non-libertarian, everyday folk hear me discuss the notion that education should not be a free, public good, they are, of course, shocked. But when I ask them *why* it should be a public good, I never get a decent answer. Indeed, most parents will never be capable of educationg their kids. So? Let ‘em pay someone else to do it.

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