Debate must acknowledge the reality of the oppressed

Thursday, January 4, 2018
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The Wall Street Journal notes the thesis is hard to follow, but I’d argue that the title is impossible to follow: “Civility and White Institutional Presence: An Exploration of White Students’ Understanding of Race-Talk at a Traditionally White Institution” is an article in the Howard Journal of Communications. Writing for WSJ, Steve Salerno explains:

But their core contention is twofold: One, that civility, as currently practiced in America, is a white construct. Two, that in a campus setting, the “woke” white student’s endeavor to avoid microaggressions against black peers is itself a microaggression—a form of noblesse oblige whereby white students are in fact patronizing students of color. Not only that, but by treating black students with common courtesy and expecting the same in return, white students elide black grievances, bypassing the “race talk” that is supposed to occur in preamble to all other conversations. Got it?

Civility, when it comes from people of whiteness, is deemed racist and patriarchal. Salerno also explores how, in the current environment of all-race-all-victim-all-the-time, the core concepts of debate are being entirely tossed in favor of lived experience and feelings.

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