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Saturday, May 13, 2006
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Yeah, I feel like a truck ran over me this morning. I’ve been blogless because I’ve been stuck in a graduate seminar from 9-5 Monday thru Friday of this week. Well, not stuck. It was a great – and very unusual – seminar on monetary & fiscal policy with Dr. Byrne. Yesterday, I finally walked away with my Master of Arts in Economics, and with a 4.0 too. The class is set up so that we would take an exam each morning, and two on Friday. I blew my first exam with an 86, one of the lowest scores ever for me. I was all ready to concede my 4.0 to something slightly below ’til I pulled up the grades on ensuing exams. So it was class all day, three hours of round-trip driving to campus, and 4-5 hours of reading and studying at night. Now I’m free to do what I want. It seemed like an eternity.

Now a comment or two on some dunderheads I’ve long ignored. First, I’ve read many criticism round the ‘Net – mostly from bloggers that run my fan club – that basically said “she’s still getting her Master’s degree?” These were oftentimes comments left on blogs. Let me finally tell you assholes this: you are clueless. Absolutely clueless. And the worst thing about not knowing is that you don’t know that you don’t know.

My college has 4 semesters. That means one stops and a new one starts. Virtually no break. To go all four means that it takes three years to get one’s MAE. To go all four semesters, year round, while you work the demanding career that I do, is pure hell. It takes great sacrifice. It is common to take a summer semester off each year. That pushes it off to almost four years. I took about four years because I am also pursuing an MS in Finance, to be finished next year.

To all those do-nothings who had no critical thought to convey concerning my writings, and could only muster uninformed, personal slams against me: go to hell. When you can manage a family, work in a highly-stressful finance job in the restructuring-crazed automotive industry working absolutely abnormal hours (and I mean 60-70 per week, not a sissy 40-45), work a second freelance job catering to commercial clients, run a blog and website and publish frequently, maintain an orderly home, work out 26 days per month, and finish an MA with a 4.0, then you come see me and criticize me to my face. Otherwise find something else to occupy you and your idle mind. And you know who you are.

The criticism often came from two classes of losers: the full-time students who don’t even get a job until they’re 32, because they spend their life in a PhD program or a dozen Master’s programs, and the guys that claim the profession of “policy analyst,” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. The first group of guys go get their grad degrees or PhDs not because they love the intellectual life (as with most true academics), but because they are too damn lazy to commit to a life of working. They want to push off working as far into the future as possible. Lazy idiots lacking the ambition gene. And then there are these psuedo-policy wonks that get paid to surf the Net, and blog, and drop blog comments on company time, and they have got room to criticize me? Methinks not. You idiots are making fun of me having to brush up on trig and calculus and econometrics, and telling all who will listen that, hey, that stuff is soooo easy, ha ha ha. Yes you, he who has spent a mostly unproductive life in school, going full time (whatever that is), and only working peon, bullshit, do-nothing jobs (or graduate teaching crap) when you have had to. You try coming back to the math stuff after more than a decade, and you try to get through all of the above at once, and do it all well. And yeah, I’m real good at math, but it doesn’t belong in economics and thus econometrics is pure horsecrap, and I just don’t want to do it. But dang it, I had to.

These guys go from a trillion years of academics to some “policy analyst” (paid blogging and surfing) job, and they have zero room to challenge me with what I’ve done, where I’ve been. These guys couldn’t last 4 hours with a CFO or Board Member riding their ass, let alone day after day after day. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that working in the automotive industry, these days, is basically like running a gauntlet from morning until evening. And I don’t ever get on the Net at work like all of these other yahoos. A lunch surf is common, but there ain’t no time in my job for non-work on company time. That would be like stopping in the left lane of a 75 mph freeway: your ass would quickly end up getting creamed by an 18-wheeler.

So there’s my final “hello” to the noodlebrains who, as Dr. Byrne said, are all idiots who don’t know what the real world is about. Idiots.

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