Da Da and Hot Toddy

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
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Da Da is the affectionate name I have for my Dad. Like, when he gets silly, he might say, “You want Da Da a to cut your steak up for you, like when you were little?”

But the best thing he used to say, going back a few decades, is “Want Da Da to make you a hot toddy?” (In his make-fun yet sympathetic tone.) Dad made the best hot toddies anywhere: whisky or brandy, lemon juice, tea, and honey. Yes, I was very little, but these, you see, were medicinal.

The hot toddy is the world’s best recipe for congestion and throat pain. Each time I was sick, I was almost *glad* because I knew Da Da would come up from working downstairs at about 8pm, and make me my drink. I usually asked for – and got – two of them. It worked better than any cough medicine.

Now, I’m in week 5 of another bout of unremitting pneumonia, and hot toddies are my bedtime snack each night. Some people sub Jack Daniels for the brandy or whisky, but I like Canadian Club because it’s cheap.

hot toddy.bmp

Tomorrow I go to the Doc, because it’s getting worse again. Dr. Amsler, a very alternative and holistic-oriented DO, believes that “family recipes” of a medicinal nature are still better than modern medicines for many of these ailments. As usual, he will say to me: “Make yourself a hot toddy each night.”

Now, if only I had Mom here to put on the nasty Vicks VapoRub…….


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