D.C. Crowd, Part II

Thursday, December 23, 2004
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I got quite a bit of supportive email from this post. As a follow-up, here’s why I posted it.

I usually don’t care what the D.C. Clique has to say, because basically, I determined that they long ago ceased to be relevant in terms of much that libertarianism, as a whole, deems important. To quote a very fine LRC writer who wrote me, these guys “represent the trend of libertarians who would rather cozy up with establishment neocons than with anyone who has politically incorrect opinions of US empire.” Bingo.

Palmer’s initial post wasn’t so nutty, as compared to his comments below, and worse, the Sandefur comment. The Sandefur comment had me exclaiming “oh brother,” “gimme a break,” and “say what?” all in one breath.

Look, you can certainly hold an opinion that Rockwell is too extreme, too dogmatic; that some of the stuff on LRC sucks; that you disagree with him on the parameters of libertarianism; or that you disagree on myriad topics; or whatever. But to be a runt like Timothy Sandefur, exclaiming that you must get the clueless, up-and-coming, libertarian public to realize that he and his ilk are the essence of libertarianism (the glorious crownholder, Mr. Sandefur), while you hint that Rockwell’s lifetime of achievements is not anything resembling libertarianism, well, that’s just plain assinine. Sheer idiocy. That kind of crap just perplexes me. These D.C. types are so hideously self-glorified, always sitting in their cozy, little worlds of establishment ass-kissing, exclaiming, ‘how great, I get paid almost nothing to do exactly what I love to do!”

And in regards to Mike Rogers and his posts (here and here), remember that always and everywhere, there will be someone that will take offense at your idea or choice of words used to express that idea; they will misinterpret your tone and read into it that which they are predisposed to thinking, in opposition to your idea; and people will always act like jackdonkeys and get all upset over nothing. Such is life.

If you are too frail to read this radical, libertarian stuff on the web, there’s Reader’s Digest, Redbook or People magazines. Perhaps those are more to your taste. If you are going to launch Apeshit behavior each and every time someone’s writing (a writing that has nothing to do with you) upsets you, then you have a control problem. Address it.

Mike Rogers and his posts were misinterpreted, not out of confusing or sloppy language, but rather, out of personal prejudice (against Lew Rockwell) on the part of the interpretor. Rogers, no matter what his tone, indirectly makes one very solid point that I harp on incessantly: the whole notion of the term “insurgents” is ridiculous, as well as wrong. Iraqi fighters are not insurgents; they are defenders of their homeland. The United States, via its warfare, is commiting crimes of piracy, theft, lareceny, and bloody murder. Right, wrong, crazed, sick, maniacal, or otherwise, the Iraqis are watching their homeland being invaded by foreign trespassers, and they watch their men, women, and children get slaughtered by Americans, day after day after day. That’s all they know. That’s all their uneducated and brainwashed minds can understand. But they know enough to know that the US Superpower does not belong in their country, commiting atrocities in a non-defensive war. The Iraqi fighters are defending their lives, their homeland, their families – those things that they cherish most, and know to be dependable, in their mind. It doesn’t matter what kind of potential government they are fighting for; it is not for the United States to decide. No matter how crazed these psycho Iraqis are, not matter how bad, no matter how indecent, it is not our land, our culture, or our problem to solve.

Lastly, Palmer attacks antiwar.com, and all the good folks on board there. I thought it was antiwar.com, Mr. Palmer, and not Anti-Americanism.com? And then you have the libertarians that write and kiss up to Tom Palmer, seeking a potential ally. God this stuff makes me cringe. I think I might stay away from the fray a bit longer.

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