Cyber-Stalking, or Just Obsessed?:

Thursday, August 22, 2002
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Cyber-Stalking, or Just Obsessed?: I’m going to take the time for a statement on attack blogs (namely those associated with attacking me or And I’m only doing this because of all the numerous (and puerile) blogging attacks, lately, on me,, or just libertarianism in general.

There are a lot of bad blogs out there. Lots of them consist of these little circles of “pals” that all link to each other, and obsess on the same boring stuff. A current, raging obsession among a bunch of these folks is and its writers (moi). I was tipped off to a blogger who has joined the fray, and I won’t even link to the blog because it’s just that lousy, and surely, this loser doesn’t deserve hits from this end. After all, these guys that are attacking me and are all way behind me in the Alexa web rankings, so why give them a free ride?

This latest attacker comically describes himself as an “agnostic evolutionary epistemologist and Hayekian rule-utilitarian with moderate to strong extropian and libertarian tendencies.” (Quite the moderate on the latter.) He then does the predictable: posting from my bio, pointing out that which he (Mr. Utilitarian) doesn’t approve of, including my profession (gasp!), core beliefs, etc; points out that he doesn’t like my blog (but obsesses on it, reads it, and writes about hating it); and goes into the usual ranting about how terrible all of the “neo-confederates” are at LRC; then he even proceeds to link LRC with pro-Taliban policies, blah, blah. He then chalks up State power and the loss of liberty that I write about to that “which arises from living in a world where particles collide.” But the real telling point of this guy’s mindset is where he then tells folks how he agrees with Francis Fukuyama’s obnoxious and laughable thesis in The End of History. But it’s really embarrassing when he misinforms people that I posted some particular material to my blog (again, something he disapproves of), and proceeds to post what was actually a column of mine for LRC, and not a blog post. He should have checked when one of his blogging pals sent it to him. Then, funniest of all, he takes a half-sentence from my website biography, and tells how shameful it is that said words therein simply do not pack the punch of Mises’s 900-page treatise, Human Action!!! Ummm, yeah. Gee, really?

But what is mostly embarrassing is that these guys obsess on and its related writers. They read many of us and send vituperative hate mail to us again and again, they tell us they hate us and hate LRC, tell Lew Rockwell all that he should do to make the site better (according to their taste), then they starting blogging on how much they hate us, and it never ends. They obsess on calling us the same names, repeatedly. The point of all this is, why do they keep badgering us if they hate us so much? Why do I get the same vituperative letters from the same haters, over and over, telling me the same things? If they don’t agree with my worldviews and my anti-statism, why don’t they go somewhere else then?

The three things I find these guys most obsessive on is the fact that any particular writer or website is: anti-imperialism (this brings out the worst hatred and crude viciousness); anti-State (they all love the things government “can do for them”, and they don’t want to lose any of it); and pro-secession (they cannot conceive of any other form of government or self-rule outside of the bureaucratic nightmare that they grew up with.) They don’t know their history, yet they claim the high ground on any and all knowledge of the world.

And all these bloggers/letter writers can do is attack ad hominem, on the *personal level* to ridiculous extremes, and that is because they are lacking any of the necessary intellectual substance required for bona fide refutation. Then they proceed to, in the middle of their blog rants, link to their blogosphere friends who are also ranting about the same thing in the same words. Have they gotten a life yet? LRC is simply the highest-ranking libertarian website out there, so of course we are going to awaken the dead from their slumbers and provoke some response – agreeable and disagreeable. But you just always think (hope) it’ll get better than low-life potshots and lunatic, personal ragings.

It always makes me laugh because of the level of nuttiness that these folks resort to. I think blogs are informational for acknowledging timely material, interesting or funny blurbs, political nonsense, notes on “the cause”, or bringing attention to worthwhile stories or news. I find it odd that some people use their blogs as a way to fight boredom and engage in nebulous chit-chat between blogging sites.

Anyway, surely welcomes their “hits” on its website. Same with my site. Public writers are open to any and all criticism, even the brainless stuff. After all, it means we are getting somewhere in the revolution of ideas, and it means we are having an effect.

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