Cop Creep of the Decade

Monday, October 14, 2013
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YouTube and the ‘Net in general are awash in this sort of thing: Law-abiding, productive person has a little too much of a very legal substance (alcohol). Bully cop pulls over the “criminal” and carts the person off to jail to “teach them a lesson” and attempts to ruin their life and finances via the corrupt court system and politically and emotionally warped “drunk driving” laws. Bully cop proceeds to abuse said “criminal” while in custody due to a spurious sense of power and a lack of any real self worth. The ‘criminal’, in this case, is a tiny, 110-lb woman.

This story – and the accompanying video – is one of the most brutal I have ever seen. The woman had actually pulled over to get off the road and fall asleep because her good judgment told her that she was not capable of driving. She was arrested while sitting in her unmoving car and for making the best available choice by avoiding potential (real) criminality by way of an auto accident. The whole video – which is brilliantly produced – must be seen. Not only did the woman not resist arrest, she completely submitted to all demands. This piece of garbage cop, who is twice her weight and 3-4 times her strength, threw her into a holding cell with full force, flinging her face first into a concrete bench. She ended up with reconstructive facial surgery, multiple broken facial bones, and a titanium plate surgically imbedded in her face. Why isn’t this bullying piece of shit being arrested for attempted murder?

Here’s Richard Nikoley on this story and incarceration nation, and why we should all hate hate hate the police state.

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12 Responses to Cop Creep of the Decade

  1. M. Terry says:

    October 14th, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    Why isn’t this bullying piece of shit being arrested for attempted murder?

    Because this murderous thug – OOPS- I mean “peace officer,” was just following protocol, was investigated by his friends, and she was obviously “resisting.” It’s always “resisting” or interfering, or some such crap that leads our “protectors” to beat the shit out of us or shoot us.

    Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

  2. David says:

    October 15th, 2013 at 12:06 am

    Outrage and indignation fully justified.

    But “attempted murder” is bogus because there is no way that he was actually attempting murder. In all extreme likelihood, he didn’t even mean to physically hurt her at all (nevermind kill), but just to be a bully and thug, which he likely does regularly. Accidentally in this one instance, his bullying will (presumably) cost him his job, and cost the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars.

    An aggressive shove could be aggravated assault, but it diminishes the word “murder” to apply it to this woman, who’s soon to be a millionaire and regional celebrity from this.

    Thank God this was a woman and there were marks. A similar incident occurred to me by the California Highway Patrol in 2003, and civil attorneys had no interest, saying it would never succeed at trial because juries (65% female) believe men deserve whatever harm they get. Also, the cops strategically beat me so as to leave very few marks.

  3. mindy says:

    October 15th, 2013 at 10:35 am

    Oh I don’t know Karen. This off duty thug that attempted to arrest a young woman who reportedly rebuffed his advances seems to be a pretty good candidate. Although the young woman wasn’t hurt and other cops at who arrived at the scene released her and arrested the thug, its still pretty frightening. David, last I read that cop in the video above was not disciplined for his actions in any way.

  4. Tommy Udo says:

    October 16th, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    Give some overgrown oaf with a brain far to the left side of the bell curve a gun, a baton, a tazer, a can of mace, and thousands of buddies just like him to back him up and what do you expect will happen? Bullies and sadists are drawn to police jobs because they want a license to brutalize and humiliate helpless citizens without consequences. Unfortunately, the profession attracts just the type of people who should not be in it.

  5. jeannie queenie says:

    October 16th, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    Hope this gal is lucky enough to get a guy who puts the sadist behind bars. My sweetheart, am proud to say, put a chief of police behind bars years ago in lower MA. Sadistic one was bringing young boys into his precinct in the cells, and boys were innocent of anything, but they all came up dead at the station. My guy made sure that cop is behind bars for a long time. He also has had 22 lousy lawyers put in jail for all kinds of thievery/corruption, all in lower MA. The one story that really takes the cake however is from a small town in lower MA. That station had one small petite cop that did a great job and the community loved her/respected her, but apparently the guys in the station resented her for she was well liked and did a good job at the same time. So one night these retarded assholes decided to take turns roughing her up right in the station…we are talking at least 4-5 cops taking turns beating up a tiny gal such as the one above. She almost ended up dead, was in the hospital for a few months, came out and sued the city and got a half mil..hardly enough to take care of her life long lasting injuries…sadly she died about five years ago. Sad to think that scum comes in groups…one bad cop is bad enough, but when five ball-less men turn into bullies loving and taking pleasure in sadism, this needs a special type punishment for any man who’d do this.

  6. David says:

    October 18th, 2013 at 7:55 am

    The link provided by Mindy and the anecdotes relayed by Jeannie Queenie are kind of low hanging fruit for outrage at the government. But this sort of thuggish behavior became passe` to me (for better or worse) some time ago, after I’d read enough works from Radley Balko (now at HuffPost), Will Grigg at LRC, and even InfoWars.

    No question: The government attracts self-righteous sociopaths who all think they’re Batman or Law & Order/CSI heroines. In the courts, cops, EPA, IRS, wherever, you’ll find everyday evil that’s almost unfathomable to, say, an insurance claims adjuster or a farmer who just live their lives productively. Want to turn a quiet, productive, conservative white man into an enraged revolutionary? Sic a pair of IRS inspectors on him. (Happened to my dad.)

    However, there is a biting truth that’s forbidden to be spoken: black violent crime is necessitating more and more cops (and forcing people to devote more time and capital to self-defense, rather than focusing on producing). I live in suburban Detroit, and it is startling and terrifying the spread of violence and blight caused by the blacks (who are outbreeding whites by wild ratios). Cities like Southfield, Warren, and even the formerly lily white Farmington Hills have become virtual ghost towns after dark as groups of loud, dominating blacks consume the areas. City fairs and public events (such as the Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Polish Festival, a huge regional event each May) are FORCED to have tons and tons of these cops, because the blacks have taken them over, turning them into violent, dirty little Zimbabwes. Movie theaters like the once-majestic Star Southfield are now Blacks Only, and white people risk violent beatings if they attend a show their after dark (this has happened over merely a decade).

    There’s a simple fact: Everybody would prefer a police state to ending up like the Afrikaners, in the formerly beautiful country they built:

    Would I prefer dealing with a large police department with a few too many sociopaths to suffering the fate of the Afrikaners? Yes. You would, too. (Building whites only areas for ourselves, like Orania – – is forbidden, freedom of association be damned, because the ruling tribe hates whites.)

    So, for each of these, “Cops Gone Wild” stories (and, again, I hate these sociopathic cops more than most), there are dozens and dozens of stories of black violence against whites, in which the victims don’t get media attention, they don’t get thousands or millions from the police department, they don’t even get any sympathy. We all know this black creep is happening, but nobody speaks it. We’re just addressing the symptoms….such as crazed policemen.

    There is a great, great writer for WorldNetDaily named Colin Flaherty who writes almost exclusively on black violence (and how the media covers it up). His columns can be read at WND –

    I’m personally vested in this because I have had my life upended by black violence twice, and I have slowly watched my hometown decay from a peaceful white community into a grungy black shithole, and it breaks my heart.

    Suddenly talking about black violence might seem like a non sequitur, but after casually studying crime for the past five-plus years, there’s no doubt in my mind that you can’t solve the problem of the police state until white people can be free from black violence in the first place.

  7. M. Terry says:

    October 18th, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    Thankful for folks like Jeannie’s sweetheart.

    Looks like the Skokie po-lice are saints. Check this out:

    If your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail…

  8. Ed says:

    October 19th, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    @ David#1 I take it that you let them live.

    @ David#2 Which came first? The Police State or black violence increase.

  9. David says:

    October 20th, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    Black violence pre-dates the rise of police militarization, which Radley Balko dates to the 1980′s “war on drugs”, and then another spike with the “war on terror”.

    Blacks have always committed violent crimes at rates much higher than whites (or Asians or Arabs, for that matter). The South had segregation to deal with it. The north had very few blacks before WW2, and didn’t have to deal with it. (For instance, Chicago was something like 99% white in 1920. Then the “great migration” started, and by 1980, huge swarths of the city were uninhabitable.) Northern cities which had sizable black populations, such as Philadelphia, were very segregated, and the black numbers weren’t even remotely as huge a portion of the population as they are today.

    A feisty writer from VDare has written books on this topic for several cities, including Detroit (‘Escape from Detroit’) and Chicago (‘Second City Confidental’). His blog,, is very powerful. Some of the writing is maybe too glib or dehumanizing for blacks, but the overall thesis and data he provides is just vital to explaining modern America. And, as a matter of personal safety, whites have to understand how dangerous black areas are for them.

  10. Henry Yarborough says:

    November 14th, 2013 at 9:34 am

    David, you seem to be both racist and ignorant, which is often the case. What you may not be aware of, is that the condition this country is in, is a direct result of the people in charge. Minorities and the poor have never driven policy in this country. People like you do. Unfortunately, another example of the Dunning Kruger effect effect.

  11. James Smith says:

    December 9th, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    It isn’t as if any rational person still believes the USA is a free country.  Think about it.  No-warrant wire taps, indefinite detention of citizens without charges, approval of rendition of prisoners and torture, stop and frisk without probable cause, search and seizure without a warrant, no-knock entry, confiscation and destruction of cameras that might have been used to film police acting illegally, police brutality, police shootings that go without  investigation, managed news, and the civil-rights destroying “Patriot” Act. 

    Acts of police behaving illegally, with shootings, Tasers, and unwarranted violence now appear almost daily.  Rarely are these offenses punished.  Most often “an investigation” is claimed, but soon forgotten.

    In addition, the USA, with 5% of the world population, has 25% of all of the prisoners in the world.  That means the USA has the most people in prison of any nation in history.  Even by percentage of residents incarcerated, not just sheer numbers.  USA is # 1

    Does any of that sound like a free country?

    As Dwight D. Eisenhower said about communism, “It’s like slicing sausage.  First they out off a small slice.  That isn’t worth fighting over.  Then they take another small slice that isn’t worth fighting over.  Then another and another.  Finally, all you have left is the string and that isn’t worth fighting over, either.

  12. Serena says:

    January 15th, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    This video is shocking. But frankly, what is more shocking is David and his brazen bigotry. It is exactly people like you David who stir up racial hatred and force feed everyone around them this BS. Your kind of attitude is what drove people like Martin Luther King to fight their rights against small minded xenophobes just like you. Wake up!

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