Congress: Mummies R Us

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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As if this is a bad thing: this despicable, mummified, failure-of-a-human-being is finally going to terminate her reign of legalized gangstering and turn over her fiefdom to some other up-and-coming, glory-seeking congressional felon. Senator Barbara Mikulski is perhaps most known for her almost-legendary 1990 declaration during a Senate debate citing the need to use tax policy to redistribute from the ‘will-dos’ to the ‘will-nots’: “So, let’s go and get it from those who’ve got it.” This courageous proclamation earned her a chorus of cheers from the left-wing brigade in attendance. Her retirement has the media collectively sobbing, while the Washington Post referred to her as a “role model for women in politics” and the National Journal marked this as “the end of an era.”

On the congressional end of the old hag spectrum is Pasteface Pelosi, one of my favorite targets for ridicule and abomination. Apropos the Homeland InSecurity shutdown fiasco, Pelosi recently dared to suggest that most folks can’t go a week or more without their paychecks, and that included members of Congress.

The most recent Roll Call annual financial disclosure review, for the calendar year 2013, revealed a combined minimum net worth of Congress of $2.1 billion, with one-third of all members of congress (188) landing in the millionaire category. The Center for Responsive Politics measured the median wealth factor on congressional members to be north of $1M. One caveat with the numbers, however:

The actual reported wealth of Congress would be significantly higher if Congress required members to disclose all of their assets and to disclose them with precision.

…Disclosure rules also require lawmakers to list mortgages, which count against net worth, but not home values, which would be one of the biggest assets of many members.

Non-interest-bearing bank accounts also do not have to be disclosed, no matter the value, nor do personal assets such as cars or home furnishings.

As a stickler sort of CPA, I can personally attest to the fact that determining a personal net worth that does not include all assets and all liabilities is about as effective as measuring rainwater with a spaghetti colander. Accordingly, the wealth of these rapscallions is vastly understated.

The multi-millionaires in congress are destroying life and freedom through a governing body that lords it over all of us. Politics, by definition, is coercion, and still, no matter how much people – voters – learn about the establishment and its reason for existence, they sanction it. They sanction it each time they concede to the government’s arbitrary decrees and go along with its mandates. And especially, the masses consent to total control and tyranny each time they vote for any one of these swines. These monsters, who have been given extraordinary powers to rule, have become so accustomed to ramping up their powers and stomping their legislative jack boots down on our heads that they are not the slightest bit tolerant of resistance. They loathe your disobedience, your verbal challenges, your hostility to their supremacy.

Nancy Pelosi, the repulsive, arrogant she-devil that she is, once likened the middle class resistance to her socialist-fascist agenda as an “astroturf” movement. That happened when she didn’t like the swastikas stuck in her face as she tried to ram her perverted health care plan down our collective throats. In fact, the Dems are certain that there is no real resistance at all. They believe it’s just a big setup, with the Republican Party hiring stand-ins to show up and to protest. The term used to describe the resistance is “manufactured outrage.”

Meanwhile, the overlords who rule our lives tell us – and want to force us – to drive little (“fuel-efficient”) crap cars, use filthy mass transportation, turn down our thermostats, and turn off our lights, while they thrust their arrogance in our faces by ordering up $200 million worth of Gulfstream jets to cart their pompous asses all over the world to lofty gatherings, spending our money so they can trip the lights fantastic with powerful and wealthy special interests, grabbing more and more power, while making us all poorer.

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  1. Marty A says:

    March 3rd, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    You bring new meaning to the term “right on”!

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