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Friday, November 26, 2004
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Ok, so Vox got the spelling wrong, but his comments (in italics) on this anti-man screed are hilarious, deserved, and well-done. Especially these two:

A man reaches his sexual peak in life before he knows what to do with it.

Okay, but we’re not very happy about that either.

Women can pay each other compliments; if a man pays another man a compliment his heterosexual friends will know he’s gay.

And women also cuddle with each other, kiss each other and cry on each other. We’re not about to do that either.

I can have some fun with this stuff……

Women “pay each other compliments?!” Ha!! 99% of the time, it’s totally, catty, nosey, phony BS. If they are pissed that you are thin, they will make snide comments about your size 4 pants; if you work out and look great, they will make comments like “ewww, I wouldn’t want to be muscular.” (I got a news flash for ‘em: getting up off the TV couch or out of the mega mall does not necessarily = turning into Schwarzenegger.)

Women, quite often, will compliment other women when they are jealous of them. Something like, “Oh, don’t you look nice today.” Men won’t say anything because they’ll mind their own store, and worry about their own life. In the gym, it’s amazing how guys buddy up so easily, and find common ground to ‘spot’ each other on the weights, share tips, work out together, etc. Women? They’ll mostly just stare at you, and hate it if you look good. They’ll almost never talk to you, even when you see each other 3 times/week for 3 years, in the same gym. They’re too occupied being jealous, even if they too look good.

My Creatures From Hell piece garnered a ton of response back when I wrote it.

As a friend said to me about male and female differences, especially in the workplace: “as the old saying goes, at least men will stab you in the front.” Generally speaking, nothing could be more true than the fact that men will almost never play phony-time and pretend to like someone when they are insanely jealous of that person. In fact, do men get jealous of other men? I don’t think so, or at least not too often. (I’ve known unsuccessful, underachieving men that are insecure and “catty” around successful men, but those are special cases.)

If a man doesn’t like another man in the workplace, or is intimidated by him, he won’t pretend that he does like him, and he’ll either challenge him upfront, or just ignore him altogether. Pretty simple creatures. Women, on the other hand, work these situations like they are planning a cornfield maze: even if they have decided they don’t like you, they will approach you with BS compliments, play Little Miss Helpful, and say in their fuzziest, phony-sweet voice: “Hiiiiii, hooooooowwwww are you today,” and five minutes later, they are in someone else’s office, digging the knife in your backside in The Mother of All Gossip-o-Ramas. Just awful stuff. That kinda thing gives me chills up my spine.

I’m not a misogynist, and in fact, the Meninist types have accused me of the opposite when they got nothing better to do, but then again, as it goes, those of us with public opinions are all accused of being everything under the full spectrum of hate. I just find that almost all of my close friends are male because they are more honest; rarely phony (a trait at the top of my “dislike” list); less clique-prone; more focused on what’s important; less gossipy (in the nasty-gossipy sense); and they are much more cut-and-dry in regards to life’s issues. Yeah, sometimes some of ‘em are kinda “out of tune” with what’s going on around them, but then again, sometimes women are far too “in tune” with those things, to the point of sheer aggravation.

I just realized that I ripped both women and cats today. (Cats insulted here.) Is that a coincidence? Sigh.

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