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Tuesday, March 9, 2004
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A lot of people have written me about this email I received, and it’s been fun to hear the comments.

Some comments of mine…..first off, I get these all the time, as do many writers. but I suspect that my being a woman makes me a bigger magnet for such assininity. It would be kind of clueless to not believe that. Second, since I have this guy’s name and where he works, my guess is that I could get him fired by lunchtime tomorrow, if I wanted to pursue this. After all, he signed his threatening letter with his work sig and email address. I have not yet pursued that possibility. Should I?

Comment three: another individual told me that he also received a threat from this guy. Hmmm. Fourth – am I the only person that sees something very wrong with a man writing a woman, and threatening her with bodily harm? I am a traditionalist in terms of family, roles, etc., however, that can’t be solely a traditionalist’s position. No real man – anytime, anywhere, anyplace – would threaten a woman unless she has aggressed against his person or property first. But then again, this is the kind of world we live in nowadays: a bunch of weenie-ass, pitiful, aggressive, moronic wimps, with many men having no problem seeing a woman making as good a punching bag as any man.

Fifth, and most importantly, maybe this noodlehead doesn’t know my philosophy about self-defense, and that is, I take it very seriously. I don’t just talk a talk, I walk a walk. First off, since he is hoping to “meet me in a dark alley to teach me a lesson,” he should know that the first rule of self-defense is to never put yourself into a high-risk situation in the first place. That way, we lessen the possibility of having to use violence as self-defense against those that will aggress against us. That is my ultimate goal — prevention.

Therefore, the chance that Mr. “Jeffrey Sandor Orling Architect employee” will “meet me in a dark alley” is absolutely zilch. Also, if I did happen to be in a dark alley, because I somehow lost my noodles for a second or two, I hope this guy understands what I’m legally packing, and I would hope he has some idea of how well I know how to use it. My latest range targets, stored in my closet, have the center all shot to bits. When my Dad put a gun in my hand at seven or eight years old, that man was no fool. I am my father’s daughter, and very much so.

Mr. “Jeffrey Sandor Orling Architect employee”: no, believe me, you would not want to meet me in a dark alley. Let’s leave it at that.

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