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Monday, May 23, 2005
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Often, I hear people complain that libertarians too often try to turn everything in existence into some libertarian ideal – especially movies. I’m with ‘em on that, though sometimes I abuse that train of thought myself, I suppose? But really, it gets ridiculous at times. The whole Matrix movie kick – as the paragon of libertarianism – really bugged me.

Another one that people stretch to all ends of the imagination is the stupid cat kick – that cats are somehow “more libertarian” than dogs because they hiss and piss and go off to some corner, seemingly as an “independent.” I’ve heard this tale often, and it’s usually a lot of fantasy and hot air. I’m sure I could conjure up an argument showing that corvettes are libertarian whereas SUVs are statist, if I worked at it a few minutes. Know where I’m going? (And don’t anyone write me expanding on that as truth!) ;–)

The Freeman doesn’t like my cat biting, and takes the cat-libertarian fantasy a bit far here. Though, he’s not really stretching the imagination, I admit, as I have seen some do to prove out this supposed “cats are libertarian” theme. But…..oh yeah…..felines as individualists, dogs as statists?….and that’s because dogs have been domesticated by man to be loyal pets?……pleeeeeze/sigh/roll the eyes…..oh dudes, give it up. Go back to the Matrix thing.

Come to think of it, isn’t there a libertarian argument for Harleys?

p.s. — my chocolate lab ate a kitty the other day.


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