Coase Answered

Wednesday, September 8, 2004
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The Jackass has some complaints, and rightly so, about the Coase Theorem blabber amongst those who want to appear smarter than the rest. He says that “someone needs to blast Coase’s ideas out of the water once and for all.”

Walter Block has done so. Here’s “Coase and Demsetz on Private Property Rights.” Here he is with “Ethics, Efficiency, Coasean Property Rights and Psychic Income: A Reply to Demsetz.” And finally, here’s “O.J’s Defense: A Reductio Ad Absurdum of the Economics of Ronald Coase and Richard Posner.”

And then there’s Roy Cordato on Coase.

And, as part of the Cordato-Gunning debate, here’s the Pat Gunning piece on Cordato and Coase.

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