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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
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This is my post on the LRC blog. If it disappears again, here it is:

May 29, 2007
re: Good Riddance Attention Whore
Posted by Karen DeCoster at May 29, 2007 07:32 PM

Stephen, indeed I did say that Ms. Sheehan had no principles. A cunning gogglefest of the Marxist Sheehan will prove that. Jump on me all you want, however, as a lifelong antiwar libertarian, I stick by my principles concerning Sheehan, and indeed, I am embarrassed by her. This latest publicity stunt from her is just another way for her to try – in desperation – to climb back into the limelight. Please let’s not compare Sheehan’s non-principles to the unyielding principles of the great Rothbard.

This was in response to this post by another LRC blogger, who apparently did not like my criticism of Sheehan. My original post was a response to a post by Norm Singleton.

Now what simply boggles my brain is the fact that any libertarian could support this liar and opportunist, especially after her much-deserved fall from grace and sudden drop from the limelight. Now, desperate to get back into the limelight – because she is miserable and void of life without it – Sheehan has pulled this latest stunt of disavowing the Democratic party in order to get her name back on the tube and on the radio – where her name has not been whispered in months. She was completely eradicated from the airwaves, and for obvious reeasons. She was gone, the world forgot her, and oh she suffered. She is a phony, a liar, and she stands against everything that a market anarchist like myself will fight for. She is not principled on the war – she supported Bush and the war before her son died. I will continue to point out that Sheehan is no principled, anti-state activist, especially since I have received so much email from readers telling me “thank you” for having the guts to say it publicly. Oh, there are many others that think and talk like me – uh huh – but they won’t dare grow the balls to say it out loud. Too bad for them.

You get “loud” here, and you will continue to get it loud and honest. Nothing, no one, will have me running with my tail between my legs, in order to not piss someone off or to avoid rocking any boat. In the end, I could care less who gets pissed off at me. They’ll get over it.

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