Sunday, April 20, 2008
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I Am A Child-Beating Whore?

People often make extreme arguments against parents disciplining or spanking their children. Of course, it starts on the left with those who believe in the “it takes a village” mentality. The movement to have the state controlling your child – from vaccinations to anti-spanking to education to various “protective measures” – is looming large. I would not even think about this “incident” for another second were it not for the silly “update comment.”

Because of this post, I was sent this by more than one person, and frankly, I just thought it was a harmless emotional venting that left me saying, “And…?”

But I wrote to Mr. Oliva – because he often writes me to try and engage me – and here is my “irate” email I sent to him, or as he calls it, my “sad confessional”:

Wow — some folks sent me that rant. I won’t even bother to comment on the strange non-argument you present about spanking = physical violence/beating. It’s just emotive wandering and unfocused anger, and ….. invoking “ethical principle” as your foundation for enlightenment? Your title has people going……..well, wow. It’s perplexing when social service libertarians think that kinda stuff is “libertarian.”

KDC slapped her kid’s fanny for blatant disregard for house rules…..very abusive physical violence indeed! I can see you have little to no “kid experience.”

Just wow, Skip.

So my one-line example is taken literally as a “sad confessional” by him? Ouch! Here is his reasoned, libertarian response to me via email: “Fuck off you child-beating whore.” Umm, okay…..using the term “whore” to castigate someone who blogged something you disagree with speaks for itself and it needs no further comment from me. On another note, do men still believe they upset women by calling them a “whore?” Why would a baseless pejorative seem to be a good strategy?

Then this on his blog: “I choose not to reprint her pro-child abuse propaganda here, but needless to say it reads like a sad confessional from someone who’s hit a child or two in her day.”

This is why I rarely ever respond to blogosphere/engagement-type emails because, quite frankly, the number of “libertarian types” out there lurking on the Net and persistently writing people to engage them is just too bizarre for me. The loose cannons live to fight with other writers/bloggers, and they blog about their “disagreements” with this person, that person, those people, as if such things are accomplishments Those people are not my cup ‘o tea, not for a second, and so it goes. I’ve been blogging for 6 years, publishing for 9 years, and on for about 8 years, and some things just never change. Is that good or bad? I dunno, but the old, reliable radar map picks up on these things easily.

Now, it’s seventy-something in temperature today, and I have to decide whether to go mountain biking today or perhaps go look for some little kiddies to beat in order to salvage my one-blog reputation as one who has “hit a child or two in her day.” Ahem.

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