CDC Stooge Indicted for Fraud

Monday, April 25, 2011
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Dr. David Brownstein, who has been published on, has published a blog on the fraudulent Paul Thorsen, who was funded by the CDC to discredit the link between autism and vaccines. Dr. Brownstein is from the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, where I am a patient (of one of his two associates). In fact, I just left his office after an appointment a few hours ago.

Here is a PR Newswire story explaining the charges. He is charged, among other things, with embezzling a $1 million grant for autism from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). His fraudulent studies have led to the U.S. government sanction of the use of Thimerosa (which contains mercury) in vaccines. Here are Brownstein’s comments:

I remember when these studies came out. They came out in rapid-fire succession just after previously-released studies began to show there was a link between autism and mercury-preserved vaccines. I was not surprised that the Thorsen articles came out so fast as Big Pharma had to do something to quiet the growing complaints about mercury in vaccines.

Do I think that mercury-containing vaccines cause autism? Before I answer that, let me state a few points. I believe there is no justification for ever injecting in any living being the third most toxic element known to mankind. As the wise man Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” What do you expect will happen when you inject a known neurotoxin, in large amounts, to a small baby?

Additionally, here is a story from March that discusses peer-reviewed studies linking mercury to human illnesses. Thanks to Eli Cryderman for that link.

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