Monday, January 28, 2008
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This is sickening. But it’s typical Cato policy wonking. The offending column is here. Note what is so funny about the column: right next to it, on the right side, is an ad for Cato’s “pocket Constitution.” Ha! Of course, the Constitution and omnipotent government with unimaginable powers go hand-in-hand. Pilon’s column is almost like snide satire, but alas, it’s real blood-and-no-guts Cato-tarianism.

Cato-tarianism also recommends the expansion of the warfare state in case “shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles proliferate throughout the world” and terrorists start shooting down civilian aircraft.

But remember, as the CosmoBeltwayCentralistTarians have been saying lately, the “Rockwell crowd” ain’t libertarian because they don’t approve of – let alone applaud – an omnipotent, centralizing, fascist, warmongering, militarized police state.

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