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Gold Won’t Be Around a Year From Now

Friday, January 6, 2012 6:49 3 Comments

Unfortunately, this bimbo is for real. And yes, she said this: “Investors aren’t comfortable with what gold is backed by, if it’s backed by anything at all, as compared to something like the US dollar. Investors are comfortable that the US dollar is backed by the US government.”

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Gold is a “Ponzi Scheme”

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 14:53 8 Comments

CNBC is always good for a laugh or two. Yesterday was no exception. The article, “Gold’s Record Surge – A Rejection of Capitalism?”┬ástates that the purchase of gold “means an almost nihilistic rejection of our global market system.” A system of intervention, bailouts, the Federal Reserve purchase of Treasuries, and the devaluation of money is [...]

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