Bush or Kerry? My Answer

Sunday, October 31, 2004
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Camille is for Kerry. Jesse Walker hopes Kerry wins. The whole LewRockwell.com blog – it seems – is pulling for Kerry. I’ve blogged on that here and here. The opportunity costs are too great to re-write a complete column with a rundown of all the reasons why, but, I will faithfully say that on election night I will be rooting against Bush for the sake of a (much hoped for) system of political Gridlock. Gridlock will bring us, quite simply, a slower-moving invasive State, as an executive branch and congress duke it out within an “us vs them” on the whole.

In short, Bush cannot be allowed to have another four years to bring to us Americans more of his hellish fascism. He has given us a total police state, a massive (and still growing) warfare state, a total attack on all personal liberties, and a liberal tax-and-spend program that neither Carter or Clinton could have ever imagined, in their wildest wishes. Post-9/11, he enabled the neoconservative regime in such a way that, likely, it will never be completely unseated. The neocons running things from Washington may be here with us for a very long time.

asses of evil.jpg

He has proposed universal mental health screening, one of the most egregious attempts ever, by a President, to launch an all-invasive, totalitarian-Orwellian trespass into our personal lives.

Another four years of this man and his posse in charge of things will permit the executive branch of the State to become further enriched with powers that we will have never seen the likes of, nor will we have the ability to stop any of it in its tracks. If you think the Patriot Acts are frightening, just wait ’til you give that man another four years to further his mission of bleeding the populace to foster the size and scope of the almighty federal government and its powers. Bush has got to go.

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