Breaking News: The Libertarian Party is Even More Irrelevant Than Ever

Saturday, April 9, 2016
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I couldn’t stop laughing.

Famous computer programmer and businessman John McAfee is one of the top three contenders for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, but one of his greatest weaknesses within the party is a lack of connections within the movement itself.

He may have just solved that problem by asking libertarian photographer and entrepreneur Judd Weiss to be his vice presidential running mate.

McAfee has selected a Belair playboy from the Narcissim.Me, anti-brutalist sphere who follows celebritarians around, snapping photos, to “make libertarianism cool” and “make nerds look cooler.” He calls himself “the guy who single handedly hijacked the image and brand of the liberty scene” by photographing “unfolding legends.” To quote:

Essentially what I do with a camera is go around boosting people’s narcissism.

Um, okay. And, oh yeah, these guys are busy floating the all-important ideas of “sexual libertarianism” and the need to make libertarianism LGBT-friendly. This, they say, will undo the problem of the Libertarian Party having become “a joke”? Ironically, these birds like to note that libertarianism is an “intellectual movement” that needs to be about “style over substance.” (Try making sense of that…but I’ll stop there.)

Of course, all of the other unfreedoms that are Americans are being subjected to – especially in the current environment of economic and regulatory totalitarianism – are mere sidebars relegated to limited lip service. This is how the far down the rathole this whole “Libertarian” thing has gone.

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